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Thread: Everyone's overall ratings

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    Ralph's the funniest guy there - but it ain't gonna happen. Vote on Tess.

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    But why Tess? She says the same jokes over and over again. All she says is that she wasn't considered fat until she got to LA. But I'm not saying she's not funny. I'm just saying that Ralphie has this competition in his hands. Him and Tess are friends, though. They were talking at the end of this week's show and they seemed to have been getting along quite well.


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    Tess sux. She's got one shtick that she plays hard "I'm fat and sexy and black and sassy." She's just loud and funny enough to be funny to the fat black urban woman demographic and safe enough to not be a threat to white men. We've seen it a dozen times before (and much better done by Mo'nique, who is an excellent comic.) It's a carefully crafted and safe shtick.

    Ralphie on the other hand is tremendously funny but also plays 2 schticks hard ("I'm fat" and "I'm the white guy with the cool black guy sensibility.") He's too fat for television and movies (I know - Kevin James is fat, but come on - Ralphie's morbidly obese) and they're not gonna know what to do with him.
    Tess (who incidentally has done en excelent job of playing herself up to the cameras and the american public) they know exactly what to do with. ("We'll make her a mom in the innercity! Yeah! She'll have 2 kids and a husband who's a bus driver! OOH!! and they'll live in Queens in a house that isn't paid off yet! With her aunt Wilma that was only supposed to stay for 2 weeks! And Tess will be the 'Sassy black mom who's just trying to make her way in the world!' And We'll call it ...'TESS!!!!'") We've seen it before.
    As I've said before Dave Mordal will do well on that front, too, as they'll want to slot him into the stereotypical "Surly but loveably funny midwestern automechanic with a wife and 2 kids who's just 'trying to get by in the world'" television sitcom.
    So will Rob Cantrell who will play himself ("Wacky 1st grade teacher by day, comic by night who's "just trying to make his way in the world.'") The show will tank in the first seaon, tho.

    This ain't new.
    I do hope, however, that Jay Moore gets some big work out of this. That kid is hilarious. I remember seeing him work it in the NY clubs. Awesome. I think he might be the producer of this show, too. Good for him.

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    Nicely done, hack. Here are my thoughts on originality in the house that's left at least as far as a sitcom type character would be concerned

    Tess: It's been done to death. She has Charisma, but so does Mo'nique, Wanda Sykes...etc. Needs more

    Ralphie: Not entirely photogenic, but I could see him in a kind of "Big White guy with a black attitude" kinda show

    Dave:I guess I could see him in the Midwestern family trying to succeed show. Also done to death: Roseanne, Home Improvement, Grace under fire, etc.

    Rich:I can see it. Just an A-hole new yorker wandering aimlessly kind of like Insomniac. I think that would be a great medium for him

    Geoff:No idea. The jury is totally out on him, still

    Cory: I can buy her as the sassy jewish mom because she is one. art imitates life, blah blah blah

    Rob: Same thing, drawing on real life, have him as a 1st grade teacher by day, with a social life at night. It'd totally work

    Dat: Here's the wild card. I don't want him in a totally asian show, because his humor transcends race. He could go anywhere.

    Thanks guys,

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    Ralphie's gonna win

    I think Ralphie will win. I have been a fan of his for a while and love his show! I think it would be great to see him get his own special or a TV contract out of this.

    I wish we could see more of Rob and Geoff. I think the finalists will be Ralphie, Tess, Dave, Rich and Dat Phan.

    Just a guess!!

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    Dudes, Ralphie's gonna win. No doubt about that. Dat is just some weird asian guy, Tess braggs too much, Rich is good, so is Dave. Cory's OK, Rob is very funny in an adorable way and Geoff is funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange
    Dudes, Ralphie's gonna win. No doubt about that. Dat is just some weird asian guy, Tess braggs too much, Rich is good, so is Dave. Cory's OK, Rob is very funny in an adorable way and Geoff is funny.

    Should it worry me that I can't read your posts in that orange color? Perhaps you could try standard black?

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    I hope Dave wins; he'd certainly get my vote at this point, but I also feel like I haven't seen enough of some of them to be able to really tell - Geoff, Rich, Rob even.

    I will say this... if they did a sitcom where Rich had to move to Minnesota for some reason and wound up being Dave's next-door neighbor or roommate or some such thing, THAT I would watch. The whole bathtub thing this week was hysterical, and their interaction on the Great Rat Hunt was fabulous. I think they'd make a really interesting and very watchable pairing.
    Blogging away in my LaughAtlantis world...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange
    I'm just saying that Ralphie has this competition in his hands.
    Does he really? Eventhough so many people want Dave or Dat to win?
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    Okay, I've been following this forum and finally decided to post...

    My picks in order:

    1) As the winner, Dave Mordal, the bitter Garrison Keillor
    2) Dat
    3) Rob
    4) Rich
    5) Cory
    6) Tess
    7) Ralphie
    8) Geoff (largely because we haven't *seen* enough!)

    Now, I am *not* saying that this is the order they'll go off, just the order I wish they would. Probably I don't enjoy Ralphie because I can't understand half of what he's saying. (I am so white!)

    I think in the next episode (6), they'll challenge Dat (because they haven't seen his act and don't realize how great his stage presence is), and he'll wipe the floor with his choice of victim. I have a feeling it might be Rich, but I have *no* basis for that. I don't think it will be Rob or Geoff, because I don't think they're part of the coalition to Vote for Dat.

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