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Thread: Everyone's overall ratings

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    Thanks Wayner:cool: I'm glad to be here. Sorry for making your list look a little less detailed I just thought I should explain why I ranked everyone where I did.

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    1) Rob Cantrell- He has the nicest personality, it a oddball way. Also, He's the second funniest.

    2) Dave Mordall- The funniest person on the show.

    3) Dat Phan- His impression of his mother was pretty funny.

    4) Tere Joyce- She's has got potential.

    5) Tess Drake- She's okay, not drop dead funny...

    6) Geoff Brown- Uh, Has he said anything?

    7) Cory Kahney- Not funny with a horrible personality.

    8) Ralphie May.

    9) Rich Vos- Uch.

    I would much rather see # 4-9 be replaced. Eddie Pepertone, Lang Parker, and my favorite, John Priest.

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Welcome, Annex!

    I haven't yet watched the show, but I believe Dat's a funny guy, from what I've seen before.

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    1. Dave Mordal
    2. Ralphie May - Ralphie's made me laugh harder, but for some reason I prefer Dave as a comedian.
    3. Dat Phan
    4. Rich Vos - Maybe I'm more sympathetic to jerks than the rest of you.
    5. Rob Cantrell
    6. Cory Kaheney
    7. Tere Joyce
    8. Geoff Brown - Geoff only comes in lower than Cory and Tere because we really haven't gotten a chance to see him work, and Cory and Tere really impressed me with their sets, given that I had suspected nothing but crap originally.
    9. Tess Drake - Irritating.
    10. Sean Kent - Agonizing.

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    Ok, Final 8:

    1. Tess
    2. Ralphie
    3. Dave
    4. Dat
    5. Cory
    6. Rob
    7. Geoff
    8. Rich

    And here's the previous "collage", altered for the Final 8 (and you may notice that they're in the order that I like them):
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Okay, so I won't be lazy and I'll add a little bit more info like the rest of you on why I listed the comics in the order I have them.

    1. Dat - Very funny jokes about his life experiences, with comical faces and gestures to accompany that. His endearing personality and confidence makes him shine onstage.

    2. Dave - The man is constantly making jokes off and onstage which most people can relate to.

    3. Ralphie - Strong performer and very confident of himself. His material is pretty funny. Doesn't use that much self-depreciating humor as some would expect.

    4. Rich - like Kenny, I like this jerk's dry humor, too.

    5. Tess - she has very strong stage presence, and some of her material is funny. I just wouldn't be able to stomach seeing her every week on a sitcom.

    6. Rob - Haven't seen much of Rob, but I have a feeling that he's good in his own odd way.

    7. Geoff - Again, haven't seen much of him, but I know I like him better than Cory.

    8. Cory - She did have some funny material, but for the most part, her act was weak. She has no sparkle on stage.

    Dave and Dat are both #1's to me, but if I had to pick a #1, I would have to say that I like Dat better (so far).

    *Note: The order is subject to change once I start seeing more of the under-the-radar comics.

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    Here is my opinions ... and vote for who I hope will win.
    1. Dat Phan
    2. Dave Mordal
    3. Rich Vos
    4. Ralphie May
    5. Tess Drake
    6. Geoff Brown
    7. Rob Cantrell
    8. Cory Kahaney
    9. Sean Kent
    10. Tere Joyce

    Of course we already know that Sean and Tere are gone.

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    Woo-hoo! I'm not the only one that lists Dat as number 1, anymore.

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    Face it, we al know Ralphie is gonna win. So what are all of these other poseur comedians doing on this show?!

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    Well, for one thing Orange, Ralphie wouldn't be able to win anything if he wasn't competing against someone. They would have just called it The Ralphie Show and been done with it.

    By the way... to The FORT

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