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Thread: Everyone's overall ratings

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    Here's my 2 cents ranking of the comics:

    1) DAVE -he makes me laugh so hard I snort!
    2) Dat - love his style, material and passion
    3) Ralphie - he's growing on me now that I can actually understand what he's saying. Still chuckling over his Fear Factor joke

    4) Tess - I respond to her even though she doesn't seem all that original w/her material
    5) Geoff - I enjoyed his "ebonics explained" type joke tonight
    6) Rich - although he grates on my nerves personally, he has gotten a few laughs out of me (AGAINST my will mind you)

    the rest I feel rather indifferent towards
    7)Rob only because of his shark joke. at least I think that was HIS joke
    8) Cory
    9) Sean - I thought his egg joke was pretty funny until I heard he ripped this one off of D. Brenner
    10) Tere - haven't even smiled at one of her jokes

    I like this show actually!!!

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    I guess I'll chip in as well

    1) Ralphie: Dude is gonna win. He's a hysterical fan favorite, plus a close friend of Jay Mohr

    2) Rob: Sorry, guys. I'm biased. I've seen him live and he's laughout loud awesome

    3)Dat: Kid brings a lot to the table. Coulda done without the whole"I grew up poor" angle they gave him.

    4)Dave:He came in and wowed me. Also a nice recovery when his 1st grader bombed

    5)Cory:Her joke about incense coming from her daughters bedroom made me a fan

    6)Rich: he's ok, just kinda mean for my tastes. He's like a poor man's Bobby Slayton

    7)Geoff:Totally forgettable

    8)Tess:I don't think she's real funny, but she has a sitcomish presence

    9)Tere:Fundamentally unfunny, cha cha cha

    Shawn, R.I.P.

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    the favorites as i see 'em

    Here's my list in order of funny - thought i'd list my pix and do a little prognosticating while I was at it.

    Ralphie: awesome. he's the best here. will he win? I don't think so. Not telegenic enough and the nbc bigwigs still run the show. They ain't gonna give the fatman a series. He'll stay on the circuit, lose some weight and get a few parts in movies and the like.

    Dat: funny guy - lotsa natural talent. Won't win a dime. He'll just stay on the circuit and bump up a level from the exposure. He'll probably move to vegas, make some dough, send for his momma and live the dream.

    Rob: also a funny guy, in that spacey-oddball way. won't win but will get a shortlived series in which he plays, ironically, a spacey fun loving first grade teacher who won't grow up.

    Dave: Really surprised me because he's not terrific or explosive, but he's funny in that slowburn way and there's a quality that you just gotta watch. won't win but will get a series where he plays a mechanic husband/father with 2 kids. The Jeff Foxworthy/Home Improvement fans'll love it.

    Rich: "Mean" "Sarcastic" whatever you wanna call it he's a bitter comic, as are they all. Comedy sux. You work dives in the middle of the night, can't earn a dime, and have to bust ass to make drunks laugh. He'll stay on the circuit and bump up a level. Will get an hbo special and hook up with some of the other "mean comics" - Bobby Slayton, as was mentioned before, Dennis Leary - the usual guys - and will do small tours when he's not writing for sicoms.

    Tess: The winner. Amusing in your basic "seen-it-all-before-sister-with-attitude" way but she's harmless and the white people think she's "the sassy black girl " The black people think she's ... also "the sassy black girl." Sitcom will be about the sassy wife and mother "just trying to get things done, baby! Watchout!" She'll become good friends with Oprah and make piles of dough.

    Geoff: mildly funny in a basic way. Will do some 1800
    Call-Att commercials, giving CarrotTop a much needed vacation.

    Cory: Gone by fourth show. Basically invisible. Should pass without a trace.

    Tere: Not funny. Will go home on the third show and have the rest of that breakdown she's been hiding. And some more vodka.

    Shawn: Got what unfunny comics and joke thieves get -forgotten.

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    good post, comedyhack, I'm glad to see someone got my Bobby Slayton reference...and you like Rob too. Awesome

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    This is combined for their standup and if I would like to sit down at a dinner table with them.

    1. Dave Mordal
    2. Dat Phan
    3. Ralphie Maye
    4. Tess Drake
    5. Rich Vos
    6. Rob Cantrell
    7. Geoff Brown
    8. Cory Kahaney
    9. Tere Joyce
    10. Sean Kent

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    Thanks, Jericho24. You've got good taste.

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    Re: the favorites as i see 'em

    Originally posted by comedyhack
    Geoff: mildly funny in a basic way. Will do some 1-800-Call-Att commercials, giving CarrotTop a much needed vacation.

    Comedyhack, I like your speculations of why some of the comics won't win, and what they'll do after the show.

    Welcome Martin and Jericho.
    Hopefully, the producers will give Rob a little bit more air time, because he certainly looks like he's got potential. I've never seen him perform live, and the little I have seen of him has been on LCS!
    Last edited by Wolf; 06-28-2003 at 03:31 PM.

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    Make me laugh, go ahead, I dare you!

    Originally posted by Wayner
    1. Dave Mordal
    2. Dat Phan
    3. Ralphie May
    4. Rich Vos (I think he's an ass, but at least he's a funny ass.)
    5. Cory Kahney
    6. Rob Cantrell
    7. Geoff Brown
    8. Tess Drake
    9. Sean Kent
    10. Tere Joyce
    Your list is my list, Wayner!

    Actually if it were up to me, I would just list 1 through 9 and not even put Tere Joyce up there.

    Hey, it is up to me. Here goes:
    1. Dave Mordal
    2. Dat Phan
    3. Ralphie May
    4. Rich Vos
    5. Cory Kahney
    6. Rob Cantrell
    7. Geoff Brown
    8. Tess Drake
    9. Sean Kent

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    My list is subject to change, but I don't think the bottom two will:

    1.Dave Mordal~ He's stood out from all of the others since the East coast semi finals, he's hystarical. Since everyone in the house has seen him go up against Sean, I don't think they'll want to challange him, which should help him stay around for a while.
    2.Dat Phan~ There's just something special about this guy. His passion and style really set him apart from other comedians, IMO.
    3.Rich Vos~ I know a lot of people probably won't agree with this, but it's my list:cool: I really like him, I think he's hilarious when he's doing stand up and when he's in the house.
    4.Ralphie May~ He's a great comedian. He's good with comebacks which shows that comedy comes naturally to him.
    5.Rob Cantrell~ He has more off the wall humor, which I like. I think he's really funny. I loved his shark joke, and I even chuckled at his pineapple joke, eventhough it's one of the dumbest jokes ever. There's just something about him that makes everything he says funny.
    6.Tess Drake~ She's very funny, but if she weren't on this show she probably woudn't stand out from a lot of other comedians to me. I think once I see more stand up from her I'll like her a lot more. Oh, and her Help a Sista Out Foundation in last week's show cracked me up.
    7.Cory Kahney~ I think she's funny, I really liked her set from the semi finals and the finals, but I think she's got a lot of great material that we have yet to hear from her. Like Tess, one I see more from her I think I'll like her more.
    8.Geoff Brown~ He's definately funny but he hasn't done much yet to really stand out from the others.
    9.Tere Joyce~ I don't think she's funny at all. I've never laughed at any of her jokes. IMO she really lacks creativity. "Right on cha-cha-cha":rolleyes
    10.Sean Kent~ I realy don't like him. The only time I laughed at him was when he hit Rich in the arm with a tennis ball and said "Hopefully I hit him in his smoking arm." He uses old jokes, and IMO isn't creative at all, at least Tere makes it look like she's putting in some effort. I didn't want hime to even make it to the finals.

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    Welcome to the FORT, chrldr1818! Glad to have you here. I think you put together an excellent ratings list. Heck, I didn't even have the decency to explain my ratings - you're making me look like a slacker!

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