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Thread: Rob Cantrell

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    I like him a lot, but I wonder how he'll be going head to head against some of the other guys... he's very quirky, which may work against him. I think he'll do well with a young audience.

    I will say, he seems like SUCH a nice guy. He's the ultimate class clown, a guy who you could see yourself hanging out, having a beer with, and having him crack on everything around him, making you laugh yer butt off. I hope that can come across on stage.
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    I really like Rob, I think he's one of the funniest comics in the house. I like his style, he's definately unique. I think his quirkiness and off the wall humor are great. He always makes me laugh, I even liked the dumb pineapple joke. Both weeks he's said the funniest things in the voting booth

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    Rob was definitely original and he made me laugh so hard with his artist formerly known as Bobert and his semicolon bit.

    I think the vote should've been closer than what it was.
    Anyway, Well done, Bobert! You'll go far, young man.

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    Hated to see him go...He was a sweet heart! and his spot tonight really cracked me up

    I am sure we haven't heard the last from him

    And is anyone else getting tired of the ghetto jokes? or is it just me?

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    Bobert. FUNNY. Original. Took Risks. Hipper Crowd would have dug it. Ralphie won THAT crowd. Some are funny, but Rob Cantrell is FUN and the best comedians (not just standups) are playful. Isnt that what comedy is all about?

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    Rob GOT guts, I'm telling ya....... he has my respect for sure

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    twisty goo
    Reminds me a little of Mitch Hedberg. His delivery and voice. I was impressed by last night.

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    right behind you
    100% of the people in my house thought Rob was better than Ralphie last night. We thought it would be close but that Rob would win it.

    He was robbed.
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    I miss Rob already!

    My searching-for-a-tv-crush heart is broken! Rob is so cute AND funny and looks really good in those glasses. I can't believe he's gone. This leaves me lusting after Dave, whose funny and everything but kind of not lusting material. How great is Rob? Not to look into the camera with a "what's with her?" face when Cory instructed him to put napkins at the table and to "fold each one in half." Like, if the napkins weren't folded in half or, worse, were folded into little animals or something, dinner would be completely ruined! It's a rare man who can withhold reaction to that kind of control-freakdom!

    Oh--my heart is heavy. Rob! Ro-o-o-b! (Okay, that kind of reads like "rube" but it's just a long R---o--b.)

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    His set was great; too bad he didn't beat Ralphie; Ralphie is funny too but Rob's comedy is much more original; when Rob tells a joke you have no idea where he is going to go with it; with Ralphie there are a number of times when you know exactly where he is going with his jokes; Long Live Bobert;

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