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Thread: Dave Mordal

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    Yeah, he's actually my 4th favorite, not 5th, but it's pretty obvious he's been doing comedy for a while. His material's great and his timing's perfect.

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    Originally posted by Wayner
    And I'm sure Mordal has worked on his stuff a lot, Doctor M. At the end of the show this week he said something that indicated he's been doing comedy for 10 years!
    And it shows, too.

    But what I find so strange about this show is that I would expect everyone in the final ten to be as good as Dave - but that ain't the case. Is the pool of talent really that thin?
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    I've caught this show a few times. Dave Mordal is my favorite. After he was done I said to my mom (who was watching and liked him a lot also) "You have to be pretty smart to come up with the stuff he does." Like...I dunno...i think I said that..his humor stands out from the rest. With the other comics they resort to crude and sometimes offensive humor which any slow joe may laugh at. Dave's humor seems more clever and thought-out...it was really appealing and I liked it...yeah.... ^^()

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    Dave has what I refer to as a "third eye". Many great comics have it. The ability to see humor where other people can't. I agree with him. He's a sleeper. Sleepers can be pretttty dangerous, as we saw tonight.

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    he is an average guy, that might be why people say " I seen him before" he's the type of person you see and 2 seconds later forget about him, But not this ordinary Dave... See him on the bus before his show down, he was maxin' and relaxin' wasn't stressed. I think the big reason why I peed my pants when I first heard him was because I totaly didn't expect it.


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    Love this guy.

    I love his style of delivery and even better, find his observations very funny.

    I agree Maji, he has a knack of finding humour in strange places.
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    I don't have anything to add, but wanted to get in on the love for Dave

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    wooah.... this guy was hys-friggin-sterical! this was my first time watching this show and i felt bad for him when sean challenged him. he had me convinced what with his posture (as rich pointed out) and his shrugging that he was insecure about being funny. sleeper is right. sean had no idea what was coming.

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    Dave is great. I could watch him for hours. I crack up at almost everything he says. I laugh as hard at his off the cuff remarks as I do from his prepared jokes on stage. Even his smile makes me laugh. I was when he had a moment with the camera to describe his "kid comedian" last night. Dave has been my favorite since the first show, and I can't see that changing anytime soon.

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    Just looking at him, I didn't think he would be funny, but he's truly a natural. I really like Dat, but Dave could easily become my favorite.

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