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Thread: Who will make the top ten?

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    I got 3 out of ten,worst run at picking ever

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    It ain't easy being green Wayner's Avatar
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    But being blue is more work.
    I got six out of ten.

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    I didn't watch the east coast comics so I couldn't really make up a list. So far, I like Dat Phan, Ralphie, and Dave Mordal.

    I thought Ant and Eddie Pepitone would make it for sure. Eddie was funny at times, but he sounded like he was always shouting. Didn't like that.

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    corran antillie
    I got so mad when eddie didn't make it. Sure he seems like he's going insane, but that's one of the best atributes that a person can have. How the heck did that girl with the stupid hair get on? She didn't tell a funny joke in either of the first 2 episodes. Eddie on the other hand had the audience on the edge with his insanity. and he even got one of the judges to be embaraced. The last time you saw him was him doing a joke. His presence on stage alone merits him the right to a comedy central special. I mean, everybody's crazy at times.

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