I liked the west coast performers better. Maybe I just didn't like the judges as much. I didn't agree with all the judges. The west coast judges picked the blond spike haired girl and I thought the big Italian guy was better. I laughed so hard when he made the Led Zepplin joke and Joe Rogan had to explain it to Monique(?) and the comedian said "yes white people in the audience please take a min to explain the joke to the black audience members." That had the judges laughing so hard I was sure he was in. That blonde woman was so dumb she didn't make me laugh at all. My husband said he wasn't even sure he understood her jokes.
I thought Ralphie was funnier when he was winging it (saying he could be a FF event and the contestants would rather eat the bugs) than he was doing his routine. I loved this show and am looking forward to them kicking it up a notch.