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Thread: Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 Recap: Family Feud

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    Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 Recap: Family Feud

    Hello everyone! It's me, Leo, filling in for your regularly scheduled recapper suncat. She got sick just watching this week's episode, and frankly, we can't exactly blame her. You'll see why in just a bit.

    Today's featured biological warfare lab restaurant is the Seascape Inn in Islip, New York. It's currently owned by a loving mother and son team named Irene and Peter. Dear old Mum gets things off to a rousing start by cursing at someone. Not exactly auspicious, is it? Anyway, Peter tells us the restaurant's been around since 1962 and once served 300 people a day. Marilyn has been there since 1967 (talk about employee loyalty!), and she tells us it was once a nice place to eat in back in the day, but now, well, she doesn't even like to say she works there now. What was that again about pride in the workplace?

    Anyway, we next meet the chef, Doug, and another waitress, Diane. We find out the place stinks. Literally. Are we sure this place isn't some sort of Mafia hideout? Maybe there are bodies buried out back. Now there's an appetizing thought, isn't it?

    Peter, meanwhile, blames the chef. Doug says he went to the CIA - not the spy agency, silly. The Culinary Institute of America, for the uninformed. He says he's worked in big shot restaurants, and she likes being in charge and telling people off. Of course, this doesn't sit too well with the wait staff. Diane says he's "crazy". We're not so sure - maybe he's applying for a job with the other CIA - if the food is like the previous three restaurants, it would probably qualify as torture. But we digress.

    Just to make sure we can't forget our weekly Sob Story, Peter lets us in on the history of the Seascape Inn. His dad used to be in the kitchen, while Peter managed stuff up front. He's on his last ropes, and he needs just around a million big ones to stay afloat. Yikes. I think Peter confused Gordon with God, because from the look of things what this place needs is a miracle.

    Gordon finally arrives at our restaurant, and he's not impressed. After all, they've got what look like construction signs up front. He meets the whole staff, including Doug. He thinks inviting Gordon is a slap in the face. Reality check: if you didn't need a slap in the face, you wouldn't need this show. Anyway, he sits down with Peter, Irene, and Doug. Peter compares it to a sinking ship. Irene calls it a badly run restaurant (gee, you think?), and she and Peter get into it a bit. Good times, good times. Now, though, Gordon wants to taste the food, but before that he wants to find out anything else he needs to know. Irene tells us the Board of Health inspected the place, and they "got a 95". Hello, foreshadowing.

    Peter has a somewhat different take on things. He apparently takes pride in being insulted by the greatest chef in the world. Hmm. Someone likes pain. You wouldn't think he's the type, is he? Back to the food. Gordon tells one of the waitresses there's a bad small - and is informed it's sewage. Classy. He orders a crab cake, pesto lobster ravioli, and Atlantic salmon. While waiting for the food, he takes the opportunity to take a look around the dining room - which, he says, is falling apart. Cheer up, Gordo, at least it's got four standing walls and windows! For now, anyway.

    The crab cakes arrive and, like the restaurant, it falls apart the minute he touches it. It also goes against one of Gordon's top rules: food must be served fresh. He says they're not crab cakes, more like cakes that will have you sitting on the throne for a very, very, long time. He has the waitress ask if they're fresh - and, eventually, Doug the cook fesses up that he freezes them. But not before letting off the f-word.

    Lobster ravioli time. He says it has a strange taste, and it's not fresh either. Things are looking up. Last, the Cajun salmon. Gordon complains about the pesto - which looks more like an oil slick. The salmon itself is solid and dry - and he says you can't expect customers to pay for such crappy food. Now there's British understatement and reserve for you!

    Out of nowhere, Irene comes up and offers Gordon home-made... something. She also claims that the two of them are a little alike. Well, the cursing, yeah, maybe. However, Gordon can actually makes cookies that don't choke people. Someone needs a good, solid dose of Reality.

    Before laying down the law, Gordon decides to watch that night's dinner service. Oh, and he's now in his traditional "uniform" of a white chef's jacket. Which means, to us, he's no longer the somewhat amiable Gordon, but the downright terrifying Chef Ramsay. People are complaining about the food, Peter is cursing at someone over his phone - and that's just the dining room. In the kitchen, Doug is in denial about food being cold, and Chef Ramsay is calling him out on his parsley fetish. Doug says he likes the way it looks.

    It only gets worse. Someone spills tomato sauce on the floor, and Doug decides this is the perfect time to go pee! Ramsay is frustrated, and asks Peter why Doug did not clean the mess. The response? Peter picks up a mop. Missing: one pair of balls. When Chef Ramsay looks around, he realizes that the kitchen could use a little cleaning. You know what this means: time for the Filthy Kitchen Segment!

    Gordon beats everyone to the kitchen the next morning. And, as you'd expect, it's terrible. Rotting food, uncleaned appliances, name it, he finds it! The most compelling find is a "twice-baked potato". Yummy. There's so much crap in there, he calls the kitchen a health hazard. It gets worse when he starts finding the "food". The "fresh" lobster ravioli comes from a plastic bucket. The "pesto" looks like something you see in a biology class - when the topic is molds. Later, it's time for what's supposed to be lunch service. He shows both the owners and the chef just how disgusting their kitchen is. Doug is feeling territorial - he's pissed that Gordon is in his kitchen. If only his kitchen was worth being proud about.

    They march into the walk-in fridge, and things get even worse. They find pork which is "sour on the outside". Doug says it's his personal stash. It looks like something out of a bad, cliched science fiction movie. Run. Quickly. Maybe that's why he's a little kooky. Gordon brings out the pesto sauce - and the chef proffers the excuse that he didn't see it. At the end of it all, Gordon is so furious he shuts the kitchen down. If I were a trash bin in that kitchen, I'd be a little worried about feeling the impact of one of Gordon's feet. Irene calls having to shut down humiliating. We don't know. Killing someone due to food poisoning would be worse, wouldn't it?

    Later that day, Gordon has a private chat with the owners. He asks Peter, up front, if he can't run staff. His mother steps in, basically saying Peter has no balls. Gordon says Peter's lucky that he's not serving summons due to someone getting poisoned. To prove the point, he actually sticks a "closed" bit on the sign outside.

    After the break, after the "cooks" have cleaned up (or, more probably, Fairy Godmother Fox did it for them), Chef Ramsay shows up to demonstrate a new, fresh, sea bass dish. Doug is still behaving like an upset donkey, and is pretty much disinterested in the whole process. He refuses to taste the dish, because he knows what striped bass tastes like. So how do Doug and Charlie (the sous chef) actually cook? They get off to a poor start. They're overcooking the fish, and Charlie wasn't listening. Charlie's reaction is "whatever" and a few choice words. Chef Ramsay is frustrated, and is amazed that either one calls themselves chefs.

    Later that night, it's time for another heart-to-heart with the owners. He says Doug shouldn't be near a kitchen, and he's sinking the business. He says that someone not tasting his food is a first in 21 years of cooking. He calls both of his cooks deadwood, and he lays down an ultimatum. Peter has to sack both Doug and Charlie. Dear old Mum agrees. To his credit, Peter does eventually do. He fires both Charlie and Doug. The latter complains about being humiliated. Boo hoo hoo.

    Before the Seascape can reopen, it's time for those creative morale-boosting efforts that's a part of the British version. He wants Peter to unleash his pent-up energy, so he takes both of them out to a local boxing gym. Gordon's holding up them mitts, and he wants Peter to unleash his energy in the punches. He starts off weak, but eventually gets stronger. Later, Peter admits to being a giant donkey. Of course, he later brings out the My-Dad-Was-An-Ass card. Maybe it's true, but works well enough as motivation.

    While the two were out boxing, the team of magical renovators were working on the restaurant. Peter and Irene ooh-and-ahh over the changes, and even Marilyn, our ever-lasting waitress, is suitably impressed. She even has some of her old pictures up on the wall, and she believes the old Seascape is back. Well, it's better than the one we got shown at the start of the hour, that's for sure!

    In another bit of magic, Gordon's managed to find a new chef, named Scott. He's a little nervous cooking around Gordon, but who wouldn't be? Later they bring out the new menu, and it's pretty impressive. It looks good enough to eat through the screen. That would probably hurt, so we don't suggest you try. Mum thinks God must have sent him - we didn't know God was named Fox.

    One more thing has to change before the relaunch: Peter had to learn how to become a proper manager. Gordon brings in his French maitre'd from his (now Michelin-starred) restaurant in New York. First priority is to teach Peter how to walk properly. No, this hasn't become America's Next Top Model all of a sudden. Still, Peter does want to prove himself, so he manages to do so with some degree of grace.

    It's time for the relaunch. (Femalie viewers will, of course, note the obligatory Shirtless Chef segment right about here.) They have a new decor, a new menu, new chefs, and in effect of a new boss. Can Peter actually run this business? If he can't, well, bankruptcy would be a good idea.

    The waitresses are energized, the cooks are not lazy donkeys, the atmosphere is great, but Peter... is not doing so good. He's a little disorganized, and JB doesn't think he's doing that well. Chef Ramsay says he has to step up. As the manager goes, so does the kitchen... and they're not doing well. Soon, the chefs are unhappy, the waitresses are disorganized, and orders are piling up. As Gordon says, the manager needs to start cracking the whip. Soon, someone eating with their kids asks where the food for the little ones are. The answer? It got crossed up in the kitchen. The head chef is becoming annoyed at the waitresses, and before long Mom is annoyed. She still wants him to grow a pair of balls, and they soon start yelling in the dining room itself. Priceless.

    It's not long before someone walks out. This isn't quite Hell's Kitchen, but we're getting close. And not in a good way. Peter is soon grabbed by Gordon, and he gives him another pep talk. He even gets a hug from Gordon Ramsay. Imagine that. Miraculously, it seems to work - with a little help from Jean-Baptiste in the kitchen organizing things. Soon, dinner service is over - and it's time for the postmortem. Considering where they a few days ago, Gordon says it was a success. They have to keep working at it, but they've got a good foundation to build on.

    Later, we get a peek at the "long-term" changes. Scott and Peter worked with Gordon to create some new dishes with local ingredients, and they sponsored a chowder cookoff judged by the local. Scott brings some order to the kitchen, and Marilyn manages to reintroduce tableside service. In the end, however... it didn't really work. Peter accepted an "offer he couldn't refuse". Geeez, doesn't that sound like something Tony Soprano would do?

    So how many of these places are Mob hangouts? Let us, or the FBI know. PM us here.

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    Re: Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 Recap: Family Feud

    He thinks inviting Gordon is a slap in the face. Reality check: if you didn't need a slap in the face, you wouldn't need this show.
    No kidding. I think this place was just too far gone to be saved. Hopefully the new owners have a clue.

    Terrific job, Leo!
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    Re: Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 Recap: Family Feud

    Quote Originally Posted by Leo;2611169;
    Missing: one pair of balls.
    and the will never be found.

    Excellent recap, Leo.
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    Re: Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 Recap: Family Feud

    Leo - This recap had me reliving the episode and laughing! EXCELLENT!
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    Re: Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 Recap: Family Feud

    Hello everyone! It's me, Leo, filling in for your regularly scheduled recapper suncat. She got sick just watching this week's episode, and frankly, we can't exactly blame her.

    He meets the whole staff, including Doug. He thinks inviting Gordon is a slap in the face. Reality check: if you didn't need a slap in the face, you wouldn't need this show.

    Mum thinks God must have sent him - we didn't know God was named Fox.

    Awesome recap!

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    Re: Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 Recap: Family Feud

    Excellent recap, Leo!

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    Re: Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 Recap: Family Feud

    Today's featured biological warfare lab restaurant is the Seascape Inn in Islip, New York. It's currently owned by a loving mother and son team named Irene and Peter.
    This place made me sick just looking at it.

    Great recap, Leo!
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