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Thread: Kid Nation Recap 11/21 - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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    Kid Nation Recap 11/21 - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    We were left hanging last week as DK, Blaine, Greg, and Michael decided to run for council seats in a surprise election. Have you been dying from the suspense all week? Has wondering who would win kept you up nights? No? Me neither. Let’s get to it anyway!

    The Worm Has Turned

    Lucky for us, we don’t miss a thing. The reelections pick up right where they left off. Jonathan gives each council member and their opponent a chance to say a few words. Zach is up first. He reminds everyone that he loves his job on the council. Taylor pipes up that he sucks at it. Bitter much? He continues his speech, promising to do a better job. Blaine promises to get the yellow district working by motivating them. Guylan steps up next and begs the town to please vote him off the council. He must know he doesn’t stand a chance. In light of Guylan’s request, Jonathan announces DK as the new leader of the red district. Next, Michael and Laurel campaign for the green district. Laurel tells her district that she loves her job and feels she’s done the best job possible. Michael follows speaking with his heart. He says that he wants to give it a shot to see if he can do it. He really wants to make Bonanza better for everyone. Finally, Anjay asks the blue district to give him a second chance. Greg admits his mistakes but thinks a council seat is his chance to prove he isn’t such a bad guy.

    Council members anxiously wait on the edge of their seats as the ballots are cast. The results are tallied and there is a complete turnover on the council. DK will lead the red district. Blaine takes over the yellow district. Michael takes the green district seat. And to everyone’s dismay, Greg will lead the blue district. As Greg takes his seat, he tells the town that he will work hard to be the best council leader ever. Kids are in shock that he won and most seem to share Laurel’s sentiment that the town will crash and burn with Greg in leadership.

    No Background Check Required

    Laurel and Sophia discuss the changes in leadership. They’re both concerned about Greg and Blaine both on the council together. Sophia comments that she feels someone has just won the presidential election with no background check. Now that he’s off the council, Zach is feeling homesick. He misses his family and feels like he no longer belongs in Bonanza City.

    The new council has it’s first pow wow and DK thinks the town’s biggest issue is respect. He feels that people interrupt each other too much and it’s rude. Blaine suggests a communication activity that they did in school. Greg and DK think it’s a great idea but Michael sits in silence.

    The next morning, the results of the election have sunk in and Laurel is upset by the realization that she no longer has a say in anything. However, Guylan is relieved. He feels a “train” has lifted from his chest. Anjay is okay with the change but admits it’s weird not being on the council.
    The Council calls the kids to the saloon to play Blaine’s communication game. Blaine explains that each kid will stand up, say their name and where they're from. If someone talks or giggles while another kid is speaking, the game will start over from the beginning. They'll continue to playing until everyone has spoken without interruption. Nathan comments that it’s strange for Greg and Blaine to be running a meeting about respect. He thinks they should work on it themselves a bit more before they try to teach the town.

    The game begins and Natasha complains while Kelsey is speaking. Greg claps and asks the kids to give it up for Natasha for causing them to start over. Eric finds it ironic that Greg disrespectfully mocks Natasha for messing up. The game goes on and they have to start over several times. Kids start to complain and finally, Michael tells them to follow the rules and deal with it. DK lectures them about the lesson they need to learn. They continue but the game ends when Markelle takes his turn. He expresses his feelings that the game is pointless and the council is going about it all wrong,

    That night in the green bunkhouse, Michael apologizes to his team for what happened. He didn’t approve of the communication game and wishes he’d had the guts to speak up and pull them from the game. They all go on to bash Greg and Blaine for their disrespectfulness. Little do they know, Greg and Blaine are outside eavesdropping. They hear every word and are not happy.

    The next morning, Greg and Blaine tell DK what they heard and he is angered as well. They decide to do something about it. Since Eric said he’d like for them to do nothing but sit in the middle of town and compliment everyone who passes by, they decide to do just that. They sit in chairs in the middle of the street whooping and catcalling to every girl who passes. Finally, the green district happens by and ask what’s going on. They confess that they overheard them and things get heated. Green district members ask for Greg and Blaine to give them the same respect their asking for. Michael admits he was intimidated by them but vows to be an individual thinker from now on. He tells them he’ll work with them but refuses to compromise his beliefs and values. The argument becomes a shouting match and Greg curses at the green district. DK who appears very preachy in this episode, screams at the top of his lungs, and Blaine threatens to give the gold star to no one. The kids walk away realizing there would be no resolution. Sophia feels things will be fine as long as they stick together as a district but Laurel points out they are a town, not a district. Campbell declares, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

    Michael realizes that he needs to work things out with the other members of the council. He meets with them and Greg apologizes for eavesdropping. The guys make peace ad shake hands as they agree to put their differences aside. Their first order of business is to find a way to make Taylor work. She refuses so they threaten to withhold the town reward if they win. Taylor still doesn’t budge because she says she’s going home anyway. She pours on the tears about her reasons for wanting to go home and still refuses to work.

    “Po-no-graph - What the @^%& is that?”

    Since producers are all about sticking to a theme(I just realized I’ve been taking it easy on them), the showdown is all about communication. Districts must hoist six pies, one by one, to the top of a tower. They’ll have to work together to guide the pies through an obstacle course without dropping them. They must then scrape the pie plate clean to reveal pictures…a telegraph, a telephone, a television, a typewriter, a radio and a phonograph. District leaders are responsible for arranging pictures in the order in which they were invented.

    Blue takes an early lead with green and yellow close behind. Blaine wipes off one pie plate to reveal a phonograph and asks, “Po-no-graph, what the @^%& is that?” For him to recognize it, I suppose it would have to have been an Ipod. Throughout the competition, kids were working together and having fun tasting the pies. Green finishes first but Michael has them arranged in the wrong order. Although he’s no longer the leader, Anjay helps Greg arrange the plates in the correct order to win upper class for the blue district. Michael corrects his mistakes making his team the merchant class. According to Zach, Blaine is a “moderately intelligent young man.” Red gets it wrong and Zach steps in to help Blaine. Yellow is once again in the kitchen. Mike and DK disagree but they finally finish just in time to win reward for the town. The kids are ecstatic and celebrate by eating and throwing pies at each other. I wish for kicks someone had thrown one at Jonathan.

    Time for reward and remember, Taylor refused to work so the council has decided she will not partake in the reward. Choice number one is ponies. Ponies to help with the work or to use for fun. Choice number two is letters from home for each kid. The kids are in tears at the thought of reading letters from their families. The council debates the two. Greg gives them a scare at first by saying they decided to take the ponies. He then adds “and throw them out the window.” The kids hug their council leaders as letters are handed out. It’s an emotional time and Greg holds on to Taylor’s letter until the end. He calls her forward and Michael asks her to promise to work from that point forward. Of course, she promises to do so. It’s not the first time so something tells me she won’t honor it now either. However, Greg doesn’t want to withhold something so special as a letter from home. Showing he does have a heart after all, he tells her he knows she’s a good girl and that they love her.

    In their bunkhouses, the kids laugh and cry as they read and share their letters. Both Taylor and Zach feel they can stick it out after reading their letters. Hunter’s letter includes pictures from his little brother and encouragement to stick it out and hold the memories he’s making close to his heart. Greg’s letter reveals that his cousin is being deployed to Iraq. He sends an “I love you” just in case his cousin is watching. Laurels letter has her thinking that being off the council is a good thing. It also has her thinking she should be at home.

    Another Star For The Golden District

    At the town hall meeting, several kids call Greg out on his behavior. They feel he’s mean, disrespectful, and doesn’t listen. They tell him all of the things they want to see change. Greg says that if 50% of them raise their hands to signify they want him gone, he’ll leave Bonanza City. They don’t want him to leave but want him to change. He finally agrees that he can see their points.

    The time comes to give away the next gold star. The council had previously stated they wouldn’t give it to anyone but have reconsidered. They award the gold star to Laurel. She thanks them and gives each of the four boys on the council a big hug. She runs to call her mom and they laugh and cry as she breaks the news. Laurel is so excited about winning the star, she says she wouldn’t care if the star was worth three cents. Greg meets up with Laurel in the street after her call to give her a big hug.

    Next week, the kids of Bonanza City start their own school where I’m sure producers will center the show around the 3 R’s. By then, I'll have awakened from my tryptophan coma and the snarky slams on production will return.

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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/21 - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Excellent recap, lildago.

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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/21 - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Hi All Im New Here , Congratulations for your work LILDAGO!!!

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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/21 - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Great recap. It's a good thing I have your recaps so I can find out what happens without actually having to watch.

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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/21 - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Well done and very much appreciated!!

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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/21 - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    I'm just catching up with all my reading. This is a brilliant recap, Lil!!

    One of my faves:
    Blue takes an early lead with green and yellow close behind. Blaine wipes off one pie plate to reveal a phonograph and asks, “Po-no-graph, what the @^%& is that?” For him to recognize it, I suppose it would have to have been an Ipod.
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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/21 - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Really good recap

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