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Thread: Kid Nation Recap 11/14 - Scripted Buttery Goodness

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    Kid Nation Recap 11/14 - Scripted Buttery Goodness

    Last week, the kids showed off their talents and everyone was entertained. In the showdown, however, they lost the reward and missed out on a chance for a block party. Of course, it was probably scripted that they take the gallons of paint in the event of a win because that’s what any responsible child would do. The green district not only won upper class, but Kennedy became the 4th member to be awarded a gold star.

    If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

    Winning so much gold has inflated some egos in the green district. They hang out in the street flaunting Kennedy’s gold star. Michael wonders if winning the star will significantly increase his sex appeal. I wonder if there are chaperones in those bunkhouses at night. The girls strut with the star like Tyra on the runway while other district members look on. Jared feels there’s no equality in Bonanza City but Emilie disagrees. She says nobody is the coolest kid there but her face says different. The green district dubs themselves the gold district and marches off in song.

    In the chapel, the Council convenes to read a timely word from the producers the town’s original founders. Yeah, I know the slams on production are getting old but I don’t have a lot to work with here. And besides, it’s all true anyway. Everything about this show is starting to appear scripted. What? You thought the journal was actually written in the 1800’s by pioneers? The journal recognizes that the kids have been in town long enough to know their fellow pioneers. They know who is strong, who is weak, who works hard, and who is lazy. As a result, some districts are working better than others. The all-knowing pioneers suggest mixing up the districts. No surprise that Zach is in favor of the idea. His yellow district of slackers is known for being lazy. Laurel adamantly disagrees. She doesn’t want her district split up because they’re all so close. Zach feels that they should experiment with it since they’re there to make the town a better place. Guylan agrees with Zach but Anjay sides with Laurel and remarks that the decision is dynamite waiting to happen.

    They head to the saloon to work out the specifics. Anjay thinks he has something to prove to the town so he wants Emilie in his district. Emilie hates the red district and refuses to do any work. Having her with the blue district and getting her to change would score him some major points with the town. Zach tells him he has nothing to prove but Anjay says that everyone loves Laurel. He just isn’t that popular. Sounds like the blue leader is green on the inside. Guylan wants to add someone to his district that is intellectual but also strong, someone like Nathan. Zach points out that his district is lacking hard workers like Greg and Blaine. Laurel is silent for the discussion but insists that her district remain intact. She refuses to split up her group because they work so well together. Guylan tells her she’s being “stuck up” and she tells the boys that she’ll think about it. In my house, “I’ll think about it” actually means “no.”


    The Council heads to the mess hall to inform the town of the producer’s attempt at drama their decision. As expected, the news is not received well. Guylan goes first and instantly offends his red district by saying they need intellectual people in their group. He selects Nathan to join his district. Most of the red group is not happy with this choice. Anjay is up next and he selects Emilie. Greg and other blue district members groan in disapproval. Emilie is thrilled with the change and hugs other blue members. Zach steps up and tells his district that he loves them but they need manpower. He welcomes Blaine to the yellow district. Kids are shocked since Greg and Blaine are so close and Greg reluctantly lets him go. He tells him, “You’ll always have blue in your blood.” Laurel lets everyone know that the green district will remain intact and Greg is upset. He and others think it’s unfair that Laurel didn’t make any changes.

    Greg seeks out Anjay who is most likely cowering in fear. He calls Anjay out for trading Blaine while Laurel unfairly kept her district together. Anjay gives him no explanation. Blaine is surprisingly happy with the decision and no where near as upset as Greg. He’s glad to finally be out of Greg’s shadow so he can get credit for the things he does. Greg brings his sleeping bag to the yellow bunkhouse and says he’s sleeping there with Blaine. Zach refuses to let him and even Blaine thinks he’s acting immaturely.

    Emilie moves into the blue bunkhouse and the others seem a little hesitant to welcome her considering her lazy streak. Soft-spoken little Mallory shows a likeness to her sister as she says they plan to whip her into shape. Goody two-shoes Olivia lets Emilie know the girls in her district are hard workers and Emilie assures her that she’ll step up her game. If not, I expect Olivia will make her sit in the corner, give her a rap on the knuckles, or in the least, lecture her on the rewards of discipline and hard work while shunning the mere thought of having fun.

    Nathan isn’t quite as excited as Emilie about the new arrangement. He wants to stay with his best bud, Alex. He was just starting to get used to Greg and Blaine. Also, the red bunkhouse is dusty and he’s allergic to dust mites. The red district isn’t excited either. They don’t welcome Nathan with open arms. Instead, they blast Guylan for his choice. After pretty much calling them all dumb, Guylan doesn’t stand a chance. He’s reduced to tears as things get heated. Led by Markelle, the group tells him he’s made a bad decision. Jared comes along and points his spiral lollipop in Guylan’s face yelling that he’s off the council. He then warns Guylan to lock his cell door at night. He quickly takes it back and says he’ll lock his own cell door. He goes into the cell and slams it shut. With that cuckoo kid in his bunkhouse, Guylan should lock his door.

    Hunter rises early the next morning and gathers a small group for a religious ceremony. His hope is that everyone can put their differences behind them and get along. He reads a passage from the Bible and Mike begins to feel bad for the way he received Nathan into his district. He realizes he was a hypocrite and wants to make things right so he seeks out Nathan to apologize. With that, he gives him an official welcome to the red district by tying a red bandana on his arm.

    Anjay tries to pump up his blue district by giving them a speech about the Titanic being a whole ship. Greg makes light of Anjay’s analogy and is insulted when Anjay asks if he knows what metaphor is. Greg threatens to punch him in the mouth the next time he’s insulted and even taunts Anjay to do it again. Anjay tells them he was trying to do what’s best for the team. Olivia chimes in and dares him to make them feel better. She even makes fun of him “looking like a little puppy.” Hypocrite, thy name is Olivia. Mallory thinks it’s time for Anjay to leave the council. By the way, she isn’t the first to make a comment that foreshadows an upcoming change in the council. I’d like to commend the producers for tying everything together in such a nice, neat, scripted, little package for us. It makes things so much easier and predictable.

    Censors be Damned

    Showdown time and Jonathan is back to the cheesy plaid shirts. He asks Laurel about her district staying together and she makes no fans when she answers that the other leaders could have done the same as she did. Jonathan finally explains the competition. Districts must drag mining sleds full of rocks through an obstacle course and across the finish line to determine their status. The first team to cross the finish line will be the upper class and so on and so on. If all four districts haul a ton of rocks, they’ll win reward for the town. Districts can carry as few or as many rocks as they choose. So, they’ll have to decide what they want more…..upper class or reward.

    The blue district still has the most muscle and they’re able to pull their heavy sled to finish first. With Blaine’s help, yellow finishes second to become merchants. The green district is next so they’ll be doing the cooking. The red district is focused on winning reward so they pile in as many rocks as they can. It’s a struggle to pull the weight but they finally cross the finish line in last place.

    The rocks are weighed. Blue hauled in a whopping 480 pounds. Yellow is close behind with 460 pounds while green only brought in 420 pounds. Winning the reward comes down to the red district. The need 640 pounds to equal a ton. Their haul weighs in at 485 pounds, 160 pounds shy of the goal. Guylan implies that some teams were more concerned with their status than winning reward. This angers Sophia who swears at him. Although her comments were rude, the kids applaud her and Guylan is humiliated. Thanks to the production crew’s censors, we aren’t privy to what was said. I sure would like to know!

    Jonathan rubs their noses in the lost reward by revealing the choices they would have had…..cozy beds for everyone or a tricked out lounge for gold star winners.

    Christmas Come Early

    Later in the yellow bunkhouse, Randi is so homesick that she cries. She wants to go home so Taylor comforts her in an attempt to get her to stay. Zach shows a side of himself not yet seen when he mocks Randi in the street. He remarks that someone is crying about something every night and it’s ridiculous.

    Hunter gets up very early to clean the disgusting mess in and around his bunkhouse. He can’t believe that people can be that messy. Laurel thinks he’s definitely gold star material but goes unnoticed because of all the other winners in their group.

    Sophia feels bad for what she said to Guylan so she apologizes. He accepts and they share a hug but he says if he could run for the town council seat again, he wouldn’t. Since he doesn’t have a time machine, he states, he can’t go back. More foreshadowing perhaps? The producers are putting a nice, pretty bow on that package they’re wrapping for us. It's like an early Christmas gift.

    Blaine wakes Zach and the yellow district to do their job as merchants. They haven’t cleaned or opened the store since they’re all still asleep. Blaine tells them that’s why they’re known as the lazy district. He instructs Kelsey to sweep and gets everyone motivated and moving. Kelsey comments that Zach doesn’t have good leadership skills and that Blaine would be a good council leader. More writing on the wall? Of course! Emilie is also fitting in with her new district. She pitches in to wash dishes even though she’s upper class. Anjay is pleased that she’s fitting in so well.

    Later that night, Randi is still homesick. She’s crying to Taylor that she wants to hear her mom’s voice. Taylor tries to encourage her by reminding her that they only have 12 more days. Greg walks by and sees her crying. He doesn’t like to see anyone sad so he picks her up, carries her to her bed, and tucks her in. When he was sad or upset as a little kid, his parents do the same for him. He wants Randi to feel comforted by it as well. Randi knows that she can go to Greg when she’s feeling homesick because even though he can be a jerk, he’s a good guy sometimes.

    Before the Town Hall Meeting, the Council asks the kids for gold star nominations. Most are for either Blaine or Hunter although I’m sure Divad still nominated herself. At the Town Hall meeting, Greg stands to say he respects Laurel for standing up for her district to keep them intact. He adds that Mallory is more of a man than Anjay. Members of the green district start to question Laurel’s decision to keep them intact. An outspoken Sophia questions whether Laurel acted selfishly by not taking new members under their wings. Michael surprisingly adds that the decision Laurel calls “awesome” is actually shallow. Anjay agrees with him sparking an argument with Laurel.

    Jonathan asks if there is anyone who would like to leave Bonanza City and a tearful Randi raises her hand. Coincidentally, the crew a storm drops rain on the town at that very moment. Kelsey yells out that God doesn’t want Randi to leave. The Council tries to persuade her to stay. She isn’t buying it, however, and makes her exit. Taylor cries and blames Zach for letting her go.

    After a short pow-wow, the gold star is awarded to Blaine. Cheers erupt as the kids show their approval. Blaine is overwhelmed as he thanks everyone.

    Now Jonathan asks for a show of hands by those who approve of the council’s job. Only Blaine complies and after his $20,000 bonus, who can blame him? Since so many kids are unhappy with the council, Jonathan asks who would like to run against current council members in another reelection. A representative from each district takes the call…..DK for red, Blaine for yellow, Greg for blue(Hee!), and Michael for green. Laurel looks perplexed, Michael grins from ear to ear, and the rest of the green district sits in shock. Not me. I saw it coming!

    Next week, tempers flare as the election approaches.

    What do you think Sophia said to Guylan? PM me.
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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/14 - Scripted Buttery Goodness

    Jared comes along and points his spiral lollipop in Guylan’s face yelling that he’s off the council.
    I found Jared being so menacing while totin' his spiral lollipop hilarious

    Great recap, lil
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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/14 - Scripted Buttery Goodness

    Jared comes along and points his spiral lollipop in Guylan’s face yelling that he’s off the council. He then warns Guylan to lock his cell door at night. He quickly takes it back and says he’ll lock his own cell door. He goes into the cell and slams it shut. With that cuckoo kid in his bunkhouse, Guylan should lock his door.
    That Jared is a piece of work, isn't he? Fantastic recap, Lil!

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    Re: Kid Nation Recap 11/14 - Scripted Buttery Goodness

    Laurel looks perplexed, Michael grins from ear to ear, and the rest of the green district sits in shock. Not me. I saw it coming!
    Best part of the whole show. I can't wait for her to be deposed.

    Super recap, lil!
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