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Thread: 11/14 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Yeah it was Randi. I just looked up and the episode summary on wiki
    * Yellow District - Zach (5) defeated Taylor (4)

    As there are 5 girls in the yellow district, Taylor was confident that she had all their votes. It turned out Zach was able to persuade Randi to vote for him by suggesting that it might be best for everyone if someone else had a turn at being council leader.

    And thanks. I've actually been here a few years, but I lurk without signing in lol I'm pretty sure I posted years ago but I guess those posts and forums are lonnnnng gone now.

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    Re: 11/14 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by MsDiva2007;2669139;
    I think all the council members are going to get voted out next week.
    Anjay and Zach definitely will. It might seem they're going out by their own hands (moving Blaine to the Yellow District) but I don't know that that's really the case.

    Anjay knew the Blue District was geting fed up with him; that's the reason he tried to make the sporting move by trading Nathan for Emily. If the Blues really look at it, they actually may have gotten the sweet end of that deal. The new Emily may actually be better than the old Nathan, who didn't seem any happier to be in the Red than they were to have him. Bottom line - I'd say if there had merely been a call for a new vote, the Blues would have jumped at the chance to oust Anjay, even had he not made that unpopular trade.

    The only girl in the Yellow District that seemed to have a head on her shoulders went home, leaving Zach at the mercy of Taylor and her minions who all hate Zach for chastising them for their spoiled brat ways. They'd have been all over the chance to run Zach off regardless.

    The Reds obviously didn't want Nathan and blame Guylan for making the deal, but even in the absence of that, I think they'd like to have DK lead them. Even Guylan himself seems amenable to stepping down. I wouldn't be surprised to see him abdicate in favor of DK.

    I think most of the Greens, particularly Michael, overreacted to Laurel keeping her district intact. Sure, they spent some time on the bottom early on, but they've come together nicely as of late and have more Gold Star recipients than any other district. Apparently the Greens don't believe in "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Of the four incumbents on the council, Laurel is the only one I don't feel so sure will be voted off. If Michael wins, I think it will be by a closer margin than any of the others, some of which could be unanimous.

    But then, what do I know ? I would never have predicted Michael to be unanimously voted out in the last election, the biggest surprise of the show so far to me.
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