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Thread: Maggie

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    Maggie: Age 14
    Evansville, MN

    What is your favorite quote?
    "If you ever die in an elevator, make sure to push the Up button."

    Do you have a favorite video game?
    No, I don't really play video games.

    List some of your favorite movies?
    Ash Tuesday, Gypsy 83, My First Mister, Home Room, and Harry Potter.

    Do you have a favorite book?
    I like lots of books like Harry Potter, but I don't think I have a favorite.

    What are your favorite colors?
    I really like the color green. But my favorite colors change a lot.

    What kind of music do you like?
    I like alternative, rock, blues, jazz, folk and old country. I'm open to lots of music.

    What's your favorite TV show?
    KID NATION of course, but I also love NCIS, America's Most Wanted, Criminal Minds, M*A*S*H, Three's Company.

    Who are your favorite movie stars?
    Pauley Perrette

    Do you have a favorite drink?
    Orange crème frappuccino

    What is your favorite food?

    What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?
    Hmm, let's see, I like cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough.

    What's your favorite sports team?
    I don't really like sports.

    Do you read comics? What are your favorites?
    The Mistakes of Jack by Sampson, my brother.

    Where do you like to go on vacation?
    I've never really gone on vacation, but if I could I would love to go to Britain.

    What's your favorite subject in school?
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Re: Maggie

    I love her quote. What is it with kids and coffee flavour ice cream & the frappuccino's?
    If your not the lead dog the scenery never changes

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    Re: Maggie

    This girl rocks. She likes Criminal Minds.
    "Torture him and make him stay."

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