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Thread: How do you see Joe Schmo 2 ending?

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    I dont know, I think bryce might come back for the final elimination, and that's when Tim says can i please punch him. I doubt they'll get really angry, but you never know. They came looking for love and really they wont find any.

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    I think they all come back for the final episode, for the final decision..pretty sure in the preview they show everyone lined up there..so I think Tim probably gets angry at Bryce because Bryce continues to be annoying, probably saying the usual stuff, that he deserves Piper, and not anyone else, etc.

    The thing that made me think that Tim gets angry, is, they show Piper saying something like "you dont think you'll hurt someone, but you do" or whatever, and crying too..so that part, I thought meant that Tim will be angry when he finds out.

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    I think Tim was getting real feelings for Piper, that's why they through Austin into the mix, saying that they had dated and are considering getting back together, to kind of diffuse those feelings.

    And I agree, Tim and Amanda look cute together, that would be awesome if they ended up getting together.

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