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Thread: I figured it out!!

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    I figured it out!!

    Have you noticed something??
    Tim has been giving a couple of clues.
    I don't know if you noticed, but do you remember Ingrid saying............"I feel like I am on the Truman Show"...........
    Well, when Tim, got kicked off last week, he said, "Godd Morning, Good afternoon, and Good night". That is what Jim Carrey always said on the Trumnan show.
    In the previews, they are also showing how Tim is starting to figure this out. I think the SCHMO on the show is the entire cast. I think they are getting put on by the producers. It has really started to become far fetched and Tim really can't be that naive. I think he is in on the entire thing.
    Next week, he might tell Piper that he is madly in love with her, and goes beserk, and then lets the entire cast know that he is also an actor.
    It is all starting to add up.

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    It could be happening, but it seems a little too far fetched.

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    Rhett Reese has gone on record saying that both our Schmoes are NOT actors.

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    Tim an actor? Im not buying that. It would be useless making up a show that has 2 actors pretending to be schmos.

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    A schmoe thats not really a schmoe is excellent idea for Joe Schmoe 3. I've had similar thoughts. However, such a scenario would best be done by including the audience in on the joke from the beginning. We haven't been included, so I don't think its being done. It is hard to believe that the schmoes haven't caught on. Its nice to see Tim finally getting a clue.

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    Sir Ryan
    I once thought that they were playing a joke on the audience, but now I'm not sure. He did say a few things that sounded like clues, but nothing major like Ingrid.

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    No, I don't think so. I think Tim really is a 'schmo.'

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