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Thread: 7/26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Cammy and Ingrid should touch more often.

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    I am stunned that tonight is the first night I realized Gerrald is Jonathan Torrens (sp) .. I am Canadian, and the fact that I used to watch 'Jonovision' on a semi regular basis back in the late 90's (and it was great) annoys me that my febel brain didn't realize who he was until now. The guy is great, Gerald is a sweet ass character, and I wish Jonovision was still on. It used to preceed the Simpsons on CBC back in like 97-99 or something and I always got home from work just in time to catch most of it. Shmoe 2 rules.

    And ps, I loved how Tim checked his collar (ie, moved it up) right after it was announced that Austin would be dishing out the 'pearl necklaces' ...

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    First post here.

    I sence a Tim Austin fued coming in the future. I think Austin still has a thing for Piper so thats whay he tried to vote Tim off. Because he knew she liked Tim the best. Piper is pissed know but wait till they bring back Tim (which they will) then Austin will be pissed. Thats my prediction. Im not sure how the will get Tim back in but I think it might be because of Brice killing Monecore. Cant wait see Tims reaction if that happens. If you think he hates Brice know wait till that happens.
    I agree 100%

    Also, I only saw one other person who caught the "Truman Show" quote at the end. What gives folks. By the way he said it right at the end, JUST LIKE JIM CARREY, I think that he MAY know somethings up. This gives a little credit to the idea that he saw them all in the room joking around minutes after the fight. Although I didn't think it was that big a deal at the time, maybe it was?


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    Am I the only one in Canada that missed the 1st part because I thought the show started after wrestling?

    Anyway I'll watch it tomorrow.

    Great show! The best so far and I only saw half of it.

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    Bryce's return?

    I missed the beginning of the show because of the whole wrestling thing. How did they reintroduce Bryce? What was their justification for his return? Thanks!

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    Bryce sent a plane, which had the message "Look behind you." Amanda was happy to see a plane again. And yes it started right after the wrestling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jujubee
    I missed the beginning of the show because of the whole wrestling thing. How did they reintroduce Bryce? What was their justification for his return? Thanks!
    Derek came in and said that since Austin was allowed to re-invite Ingrid, it was only fair that since Bryce had showed his devotion, "Banner...after banner...after banner..." that Piper extend the same courtesy to him.
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    I think Ralph is the KING of those promos before the commercial. I love the "most shocking twist of all eviction twists in television history"

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    Or Tim could be an actor too. I'm suprised that was never brought up for JS2, whereas in JS1 half the people we're convinced that MKG was an actor till the end. I still find it hard to believe that a red blooded American male, who is a bartender to boot has never heard of the Joe Shmoe show on the first "Network For Men".
    I'm pretty sure a ton of people have tossed that idea around a bunch of times already. Personally, I really doubt Tim's an actor.

    It was absoluetley no suprise that they evicted him considering the huge mess up by TJ, Bryce, and Gayrald. I'm sure they needed time to concoct a legitamate story for them breaking character and at the same time protecting Amanda from being infected by Tim's suspicions.
    I'm not convinced this was entirely the fault of the three guys. They'd pretty much become confortable in that sort of routine, it seems, since Tim stayed in a separate room from them. What I found puzzling is why the crew member who entered before Tim didn't give much of a warning, or why no one was able to catch Tim or warn the guys before he made his way upstairs and into their room. Somebody dropped the ball, sure, but I don't think it was necessarily the actors. But they seemed to push through it okay afterwards.

    I think the Tim eviction was just another twist. I doubt it was an on-the-fly decision. Basically the Tim eviction gives us a couple of things. First, we got to see how Tim would handle being eliminated from the show, something we've never seen before, as MKG cruised right to the finish line (though we got to see how he reacted as a runner-up). I loved it, and when Tim is brought back to the show, maybe his prior elimination will step up the sense of urgency and tension as we get closer to the final selections. Plus, it was just a helluva mindjob on us, the audience. I got the suspicion it was going to happen once TJ was selected, as there was no way they'd bring Bryce back just to have another weeping, Bryce-loses-it scene at the eviction ceremony. And besides, he's still got to get revenge on Montecore. Even before the teaser for next week was shown, you knew it was in the mix, from comments he'd made and the reaction shots and cuts between the bird and Bryce.

    Which is another reason why Tim got the axe tonight, I think. It gave them another way to get rid of Bryce--presumedly after he attacks Montecore. For all that's been said about the writing this time around, I think the JS guys are hitting all the right notes. It's brilliant.

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    Ingrid/Cammy and sizes

    Sorry, if that's Ingrid's size, she's wearing the wrong bra.

    32D / 34C, *maybe* a 34D.

    And since Cammy was a 36C BEFORE implants, she's got to be a 36DD (not 34). She couldn't have lost that much weight under her bust.

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