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Thread: Meet Molly From Season 1 (Angela Dodson)

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    Meet Molly From Season 1 (Angela Dodson)

    JUST ANNOUNCED: Angela Dodson Schedules Meet and Greet for BOSTON/NEW ENGLAND area fans! Angela played Molly in Season 1 of the Joe Schmo Show.

    Saturday July 17, 2004 between 2pm and 4pm Angela will be at the Virgin Mega Store, 360 Newbury Street in Boston to meet her fans, sign autographs, and get her picture taken with you! The DVD of Season 1 is out, so get your copy autographed by your favorite Schmo! More info on Angela is available at her official site, which I can't post the link to yet because this board won't allow newbies to post links . But we'll try this, type the 3 w's, then dot angeladodson dot tv.

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    Who better to appear at Virgin Mega Store than the actress who played the virgin!
    Way to go, Ang!

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