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    "The New Schmo" - Amanda

    Amanda Naughton is 25 (her birthday is Christmas Eve). She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She is the youngest of three - she has an older sister and brother. Amanda attended the University of Michigan where she received a BA in English. After college, she moved to DC and currently lives in Arlington, VA in Pentagon City with two roommates. She works in government relations for a fuel company. Aside from her parents, no one knew that she was going to be on Joe Schmo 2. She's watched this season as it has been unfolding and thinks it is hilarious so far. Since last year's Schmo Matt Kennedy Gould was also from Pittsburgh - folks are asking her if she's met Matt Kennedy Gould. She has just a few brief times - and thinks he's an incredible guy. He has given her some advice - to take it all in stride and to enjoy the ride as "Jane Schmo."
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    Amanda looked aMAZing in the latest episode ("TJ needs TP")!!
    Here hair & makeup were fantastic, and her outfit at the double-eviction ceremony was SEXy! I'm starting to see her in a new light.

    Before this episode, she didn't fit the cookie-cutter mold most women on dating reality shows seem to come from. Her hair was hilariously unkempt during the episode where the girls met Austin's parents, and her makeup was too raccoony during her first episode (half her eye makeup came off in the mashed potatoes, and that was an improvement). During her double date with Austin and Tim & Piper ("there's no drama...") her hair was hilariously wrong. She looked better during her confessionals on that same episode.

    But the wardrobe & makeup people have finally figured out the right combination of everything for Amanda. Bravo!

    Her personality and smile and supportive nature are all so very adorable. But with proper hair and makeup, she moved up a notch to sultry & sexy.

    Favorite Amanda quote: During the episode of the return of Bryce, when the group gathers in the courtyard to catch some sun, Amanda sarcastically mutters "I love that I reflect the light!"
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    I don't know about Amanda. The purpose of the show is to find a love interest, I guess,
    but she's showing all the opposite traits on the show. She's too innocent, has no wild side,
    has no interest in flirting or foreplay? She seems to be turned off on drinking alcohol (looks
    like she's about to puke) and is totally disgusted by the raunchy Pork & Beans stuff.

    She probably only got on the show to get the money.

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    Just because you dont like alcohol doesn't make you unattracted to men. Anyways, in the commercials for final episode, it showed her saying "I want lots of money."

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    I know, what I'm saying, she is totally turned off on love, but her eyes light up when
    money is mentioned. The producers of the show did say they didn't want the Schmoes to get
    romatically involved anyway.

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    Dude, you've gotta be trolling, here.

    Too innocent? No flirting? Her whole persona was that of the "party gal". She playfully flirted with Tim a ton of times, and confessed to Austin that she was in it for a good time and was a bit of a "party girl", something that came up during the scene with her friend and mother.

    Because she didn't seem to be necessarily interested in Austin doesn't mean she didn't care about love. Austin actually had made himself quite detestable, with the whole insensitivity towards Eleanor and his fixation on the Barbie-doll-bimbo Cammy. I think the fact that Amanda saw past the guy's looks and judged him solely on what kind of person he seemed to be spoke volumes. You basically calling her shallow is way outta left field, here.

    I didn't think she ever seemed to care about the money except when Austin openly asked her about it. And she answered honestly enough, "Of course I want lots of money. I'd love to live the life of the rich.", and who wouldn't? But she added to that, "But I'm not going to hurt someone to get it." Add to that the fact that she looked openly annoyed whenever the topic of money came into the discussion of "love", and I'd say it was quite the opposite--she wasn't all about the cash, dude.

    I thought Amanda was actually far more open and free-spirited than Ingrid. Truth be told, if I had the opportunity to party with Amanda, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I don't know which reality show you were watching, man, but we're seeing two different people.

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    Well, I guess since she was the backup Jane Schmo, she wasn't the ideal candidate. Ingrid seemed
    to have a lot of fun throughout the entire show.

    Maybe if they put Pork & Beans II: Amanda gets Porked on the Joe Schmo 2 DVD, people might buy it.
    Come on, Joe Schmo is suppose to be the raunchiest reality show on TV. Let's not spend our 15 minutes
    of fame as a total nun.

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    I'm joking of course if you didn't notice. Don't take anything I say seriously.
    The show is over anyway.

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