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Thread: 6/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Green Imp
    Man, lot of cynics on this forum.

    I don't think they pushed it too far this season, necessarily. Keep in mind, their basis for comparison was MKG, who took everything they threw his way in stride and swallowed it all. With that in mind, who can fault the network for wanting to push it farther in the sequel?

    I know it's looking more and more like Ingrid was a bad choice, but again, after auditioning what had to be bland after bland auditioners, you can't tell me you wouldn't consider Ingrid if you were in the same shoes. She's got a personality that works for TV--she's witty and funny as hell. Throw the fact that she's a good-looking girl into the mix and you've got a winner. Honestly, reality TV fans: how many smart, funny, and attractive female contestants have there been on TV to date? The numbers aren't kind.

    And you can't really blame Tim for buying into it all. It's just the nature of his personality--it's not necessarily that he's "dumb" or "gullible". It's just that, unlike Ingrid, he took this to be an opportunity to have a good time, to party. Hell, had I not watched each episode of this series a sh*tload of times already, I'd have been acted the exact same way were I chosen to appear on a reality TV show. Ingrid's more skeptical, but I'm sure they simply dismissed that sort of flaw and called it a challenge, with her other attributes too golden to pass up. In retrospect you can call them dumb for doing it, but really, who knows how this sort of thing is going to play out until it does? That's the appeal of the whole show.

    Anyway, as far as this episode goes, I can't believe Ralph tripped up. Maybe it's the editing, but the man has always served as the rock of the show, as far I can tell. It's really something when even he slips up or cracks into laughter. I am glad they showed it, though--it would have been self-serving to do otherwise, and that goes against the whole spirit of the show. Hell, who knows? Maybe Probst has bitched a game or two. We all know he's made a couple of judgement errors during them.

    I loved the entire Tim birthday scene, and wished more time was devoted to it. But again, when they've got to condense so much footage into a mere, what 40+ minutes or something, you can understand that kind of thing. Especially when they've got to set things up for the next episode, like in tonight's case.

    Lot of gags I liked this episode, and I'm going to go watch it again to catch those I missed (my desire for smoke-breaks is in a constant struggle against the variable length of commercial breaks).

    But as far as Ingrid goes: it'd be a shame if they had to take her out of the show, but in all honesty, I actually think it might do the show some good at this point. Again this episode it seemed as though we saw less of (or at least, less meaningful moments out of) Tim, and granted, that just might be due to what the show was given, but I think that the sooner this Ingrid's-going-to-find-out angle is over, the better. It's entertaining, for sure, but I'd like to see things start to flow more smoothly again, with more focus on characters and their respective interactions. Ingrid's kind of becoming a speedbump in the "flow" of the schow. Er, show.

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    First off, I have a lot more respect for Piper now. Mainly because she's actually likable. At Tim's party, her singing was great, and on the date he has really started falling for her. And she said that she needs to shut him down while keeping him interested in her. So obviously, she wants to avoid his feelings getting smashed when this is revealed as a hoax. Bryce with the "Piper" on his forehead was hilarious. And I think Tim actually enjoyed getting his bottom smacked by Gerald, and he had no qualms about returning the favor with a lap dance for Gerald of all people. I think Tim's gaydar is broken, or he's started developing true feelings for Gerald. Watch out Piper!!!

    As somebody mentioned earlier, I hope Gerald and Tim make it to the final two. Then Piper should pick Gerald, and Gerald should decline the proposal and say "I love Tim". That would be the best ending they could possibly come up with. I actually found the Ingrid discussion really funny, though it seems for certain they're cutting her. When they first showed "Thinks 75% of it is real" under her name, then "Thinks some of it is real", then "Thinks less and less of it is real", then I missed one , then "We're screwed!" Major props to Ingrid and her anti-elimination speech. She's not going out without a fight... Well, actually she is.

    This was definitely the best/funniest episode so far, though. Although, the actors are a little over the top. They should have cut Cammy first. She kind of ruined it on multiple occassions, and Austin has the personality of a very boring stick.

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    Yeah, that's another thing! I can't believe that my little Ralphie messed up! He started laughing, and it almost sounded like he was losing his british accent for a second. -spanks Ralph-

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    You don't have to wait for next week. The SECOND set of next week previews gave it away. What's the custom around here for talking about this stuff. Ya'll want me to spout it out? I even have it saved on my Dishplayer but can't post a still unfortunately.

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    I like them silent WomynLee's Avatar
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    Ingrid's kind of becoming a speedbump in the "flow" of the schow. Er, show.
    Nice post, Green_Imp.

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    Neb, just send me a message and tell me who he says it to. I know the spoiler from the other topic, so you don't have to watch what you say to me.

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    The problems with the show are lack of continuity and focus. There's not enough time in one hour to focus on both Tim and Ingrid. The story lines and characters can only really develop through one center which is what made the first show so succesful. However, that problem seems like it's going to be addressed by eliminating Ingrid, or having Ingrid just play along.

    In terms of acting, I still like the guys in the first show better. Kip was great because his overly gay Cuban accent act was so different from his out of character interviews. Gerald is more believably gay, but he's the same person in his interviews.

    There really hasn't been much strong character interactions in JS2. In JS1,
    the whole Kip - Hutch saga in the first season was great, especially with the Mattmen coming to Kips defense. And the real friendship between Matt and Brian and also Earl and Matt was a nice touch. Also the whole love triangle between Molly, Ashleigh and Matt was great. Especially Matt's turning on Ashleigh after she didn't reciprocate to Matt. It's stuff like that which made Joe Shmoe 1 special.

    In JS2, the only real or believable relationship/conflict I'm seeing is between Bryce the Stalker and Tim. Bryce is doing a great job of getting a negative reaction to him out of Tim.

    Right now, the laughs from the show are coming purely from toilet humour. Nothing wrong with that, but you can get that from watching Dumb & Dumber. The laughs aren't coming from the concept of Joe Shmoe itself and having the joke be on the Shmoe. Of course it's impossible to replicate the success of Joe Shome 1 with MKG but casting Ingrid, a UN voter monitor for former Soviet Block countries was a very bad choice. Sure she's sort of hot and has a decent personality, but it was the wrong choice to play the pivotal Shome role.

    I'm surpised at all the guffaws and problems that their having in the second season. You'd think they'd have more experience and expertise in handling these things after JS1. The envelopes, changing the battery on the camera etc should've been accounted for. Sure, Matt's gulliblity made it easy for more things to slip. And it's easier when you have to fool only one person and not two but, this show isn't working for me so far, I'm not getting invested in the show like I was in the first one. I'm just seeing a bunch of funny little vignettes strung together with very little story development.

    We'll see what happens next week. Apparently, Matt's making an appearance, I saw some old people who looked like parents, and they mentioned someone else coming back. (Maybe Hutch or Kip, who knows). They're gonna have to eliminate Ambrosia next. It would seem too unrealistic to Tim if someone as supposedly hot as Ingrid were eliminated before the weeper and the bitch. We shall see. I can't stand the too be continued . . . though, that drives me up the wall. And yet we continue to fall for it.

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    Hippo, I think that you just summarized almost everything that I've said since I've been on this board.

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    "... and coming up the most SHOCKING eviction ceremony yet, and this time WE MEAN IT!"

    That is priceless. No matter how much I want Cammy to get eliminated, it isn't going to happen. I don't know, she brings the show down for me. I like The Weeper personally. She can really turn on them waterworks at a moment's notice.

    As for our Schmo's. Poor Tim, I guess his Last Chance for Love was Gerald. Ingrid, I still have no idea what is going on with her.

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    I agree, can we please get rid of Cammy? She has f'd up too many times!

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