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Thread: 6/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    My guess is that the "bi***" comment is coming from Bryce after Piper kicks him off.

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    It showed in the previews for next week MKG has a beard and is making an appearance I think as someones family member or something is my guess.

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    I still can't believe that they would be that blatant about it, that would really be pushing it. Matt did look hella good with that beard, yummy.

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    I too think Cammy should of been eliminated. The drunk girl was a funny bit and I would of loved watching her more. Cammy has messed up too many times and because of that has put doubt into Ingrid's head (more so than anyone else has).

    I wish Ingrid would stay because I think she is funny and I love watching her reactions at some of the things that are said. And truthfully I love how she has put fear into the writers. Besides kicking her off because she is 'too smart' means the concept has failed even if you go on with just Tim.

    But if the challenge is to make these people believe they are on a reality show then the writers and producers should be working harder to turn Ingrid around. They actually had her when Ambrosia talked to her but once again Cammy screwed it up.

    She should of been the one to go. I will watch it still no matter what happens though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triple10X
    It's gotta be Austin telling Ingrid she's a b**** after she ruined it for the producers.

    You can't be serious? Ingrid really isn't ruining anything- she is just too smart for them.It's the producers own fault for picking someone with more than half a brain, and picking bad actors who can't even remember their fake names. I don't think it is Austin at all- probably something later and maybe even in a confessional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooberoo
    I thought they introduced him as the "got-to-be-gay guy". As in he acts interested in women, but something about him seems gay.
    I caught that last night...I just didn't want to log back on, too lazy. I don't know where obviously came from.
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    I agree that the "f'n b****" quote HAS TO come from Bryce when Piper fails to light his wick and instead lights his fuse. They need to ratchet up the "stalker" part of his character. Right now he's just sickly sweet. Writing Piper on his forehead was a great touch, though.

    Matt Gould returns as a pizza delivery guy, as was revealed to us a long time ago.

    I'm also speculating that Ingrid goes, as I also noticed the preview with the black parent which should indicate that Ambrosia stays. I would like, however, to see the producers take on the challenge of jumping through hoops to keep Ingrid in the game. They could alter the script to "out" Cammy as an actress who lied/slept her way into the show.

    But a great technique in comedy and suspense and magic (which the producers might be doing with us as the audience) is to lead you in one direction (thinking Ingrid will go next) and then pull the rug out from under us (keeping Ingrid).

    Yup ... the good ol' "bait'n'switch" technique that cons use as well.

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    Hey Guys!

    I was reading over at the Joe Schmoe 2 website, and there's a show recap written by Brian Keith something-er-other, and at the end of the last show's recap, this is what he wrote:

    "The screen goes black. Across it reads the phrase: 'To be continued....' Underneath is Austin's voice shouting: 'You're an f*%ing bitch.'"

    I'm thinking it's directed to Ambrosia. But who knows ... There's also a poll going on at the JS2 website asking what they should do about Ingrid's character.

    I'm lovin' this show so much! I'm laughing so damned hard through it I'm crying by the end and my stomach hurts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by getreal
    Writing Piper on his forehead was a great touch, though.
    I'm cracking up all over again, getreal! THAT was one of the funniest damned things ever! He's such a little boy at heart, and the looks he gets across his face are priceless!

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    ingrid isn't going anywhere

    the beauty of this show is that they push it to the limit and make it so over the top to the point where we think the show is falling apart

    the slipups and the fact that ingrid "believes some of this is real" or "we're screwed" is what makes the show genius

    i know brian and the other writers will come up with some blockbuster material to bring ingrid back to "thinks this is real"

    i can see ingrid busting out laughing when the reveal comes and tim looking confused as hell

    you can't blame tim for being totally oblivious to what is going on because he is only there to relax and have a good time plus there are too many breast distractions

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