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Thread: Joe Schmo 1 vs. Joe Schmo 2

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    emily n rachel
    Quote Originally Posted by DementedMinx
    I don't think that it's the cast that's bad (except for Cammy/Jana), I think that it's the writing that has been waaaay out in left field.
    I can't disagree more. Cammy/Jana's character is the most hilarious of all of them!! The show would really stink without her!

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    FORT Newbie Arsenal's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    I think JS2 has too many things going on. You don't see the interaction w/ the actors as much as in JS1 in a non-competitive environment.

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    Quoted by Arsenal:

    I think JS2 has too many things going on. You don't see the interaction w/ the actors as much as in JS1 in a non-competitive environment.

    I agree. We don't get to see much of the character interaction as much as the challenges themselves. That's why Joe Schmo 1 was so successful.

    Joe schmo 2 is equally as successful, but I wish that they'd show us more character interaction. Also, a reason why they don't do so has got to be the fact that they have to cover the opinions of three schmoes (Ingrid, Tim, Amanda) while covering the opinions of the other actors, covering the games, and covering any other storyline that pops up. Like you said Arsenal- there's too many things going on.

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    Hey, Rhett...Bethany said you're somewhere out here...I don't know your s/n...

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    his name is muggum... I haven't seen him around since JS1 ended though

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfleming2
    his name is muggum... I haven't seen him around since JS1 ended though
    Thanks! I think he's been lurking, or so I've been told...

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    FORT Fogey mrpayroll's Avatar
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    Yeah muggum has been posting on other sites. So he is still active with the fans. If you want a link to one of those sites, pm me.

    Joe Schmo 2 has gotten better with each episode. But you know what they say, the first time is the best! They had a lot to overcome to make it as good a show as Joe Schmo. Plus you had the Matt Kennedy Gould factor, which is pretty hard to top.

    This season has also been a little more mean spirited than the first season. Whereas you had the feeling, thru interviews, that all of the actors cared very deeply for Matt, this year it seems that the most important things is to keep the shock value coming.

    But there have been some very funny moments this year, but I'm not left with a warm fuzzy feeling like I was last year. But the finale is next week and I cannot wait to see it all end. I just hope our Schmo's don't get their feelings hurt too much.


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    I think the whole Schmo 2 show doesn't live up to its predecessor.

    First, you got screw-up galore, from the first minute of the show, and it goes downhill from there
    with paranoid Schmoes running around. You got actors breaking character, and I lose interest
    when they do that. I think it's totally unprofessional. The new Schmo, Tim, is definitely not likeable.
    The first time I saw him, I though he was the ahole type. And what the hell happened to the smarmy host?
    His accent, hair, all terrible.

    The thing with the paranoid Schmoes, is that they didn't bring an insider buddy or two along
    with the new Schmoes, like they did in the first show. That's where they failed. If you're going
    to be locked up in a house, you need a real buddy every now and then to bring the Schmoes back
    to reality, so they don't walk around being paranoid every second. This buddy is their contact to
    the outside world, and they need it. And the new actors have to rely on their improvisational skills
    more than sounding scripted and rehearsed. The more you base a character on a stereotype, than a
    personality, then that person is going to look more like an actor.

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    Tim is highly unlikeable. I'm really tired of seeing him pick on Brice. If MKG were given the same situation, MKG would've helped Brice out and tried to get him (his character) help.

    I'm sick of seeing Roly Poly midget Tim say, I'm gonna punch him. He would get his butt kicked by anyone in the cast. He shouldn't talk the talk, if he can't walk the walk. Basically he's a little bully who only picks on someone he sees as weaker than him.

    What made JS1 work was that MKG took control of the show. He dictated the action. He outed Kip in the first minute. And I'm sure Kip's character was originially intended to make Matt uncomfortable, and annoying like Brice or Gerald.

    The guy in the last post had a good point. The actors in JS2 while seeming more real, are playing stereotypes. None of them are emotionally attached to Tim except maybe Piper. And he viewers aren't emotionally attached to Tim. I could care less what happens to Tim, in fact I hope he makes a complete fool of imself. But with MKG we we're all concerned with how Matt would take it.

    I really like Amanda. She has those same MKG qualities. I don't want to see her get hurt. The show should've focussed around her. Parody is fine, but what get's viewers hooked is genuinely caring for the Schmo. If you look at the ratings, it is obvious that this season was a huge failure compared to last, if you can look beyond this board.

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    In the first show, the contestants had the power to evict other contestants, so I think that
    let them be more competitive, controlling, and conniving. In the second show, contestants had
    no real power, so I don't think it let anyone take control.

    As I was saying before on JS2, small things like actors making goofy faces behind the Schmoes back,
    when they think no one is looking, is not that appealing to me. I would prefer if they kept
    character at all times they in the house.

    And the buddy thing, I'm guessing they didn't include buddies this time, because that would
    mean there would be less room for new characters. And I guess you can always find alternative
    subsitutes for the real-word buddy blanket, which doesn't have to be a person.

    And probably the worst character to add was Cammy. She was just too fake. Not her acting,
    but the dumb, blond, big-breasted Hollywood look just stuck out like a sore thumb that raised
    flags everywhere.

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