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Thread: Joe Schmo 1 vs. Joe Schmo 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColdArmor
    Is anyone feeling that Joe Schmo 2 is not lving up to what Joe Schmo 1 was? I loved the first season, but this one... I just can't seem to get into it.
    I agree. I have a hard time understanding how many people think JS2 is so much better. With JS1 the characters really got into their roles much better than this current show. We knew Hutch was the a**hole because he totally acted that way, we knew the gay guy was gay cause he acted that way. I don't think Cammy is acting too moronish, I didn't fall for Rita's drunk act for one minute, Ernie annoyed me with his attitude and if I met Gerald, I would not think he was gay in the least. I don't think Bryce is a good stalker- sometimes he's on, and then other times he is totally normal. I think Austin is a terrible actor as well. I thought JS1 was just so much better- Just not feelin' it with JS2.
    I also think they are trying too hard to put too many reality shows into it. They need to concentrate on one thing only- either be the lap of luxury or a dating show- they haven't done much with the dating aspect of it. Austin and Piper are hardly around to get to know the guys and gals to choose or eliminate them. It's just too mish-mash that it's confusing. They should have left the Lap of Luxury the same and they still could have used two schmoes.

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    10 things that make MKG better than Tim Shmoe (Mini Matt) & Ingrid

    I had a 10 hour drive today, so it got me thinking about JS1 and JS2. Altough, i dont have the dvd for JS1 yet (waiting for the price to drop), I replayed JS1 in my head and heres what i came up with. Its been over 8 months since Ive seen JS1 and there are still so many memorable moments. With JS2 Montecore hitting the glass pane is my favorite moment and the rest is just toilet humour. (Big gulps, cool!)

    1. Matt is spontaneous and unpredictable
    Within the game, the actors and producers never know what to expect from Matt.
    a. but youre gay right. no thats cool: to kip.
    b. He takes his hands off the high priced hooker, because he wants his own bed.
    c. He breaksdown and cries when Earl is evicted.
    d. He levels a happy Doctor Pat during elimination Sumo.
    e. Matt gags on the chocolate covered models

    with Ingrid, shes not playing the game, she keeps trying to get out of the game which gets boring after a while. The interphase or whatever the producers call it(who just want to get on national tv. Hey look its me Brett Rhees, its me asain girl, its me gray haired in control leader guy) isnt credible.

    2. Matt has outstanding character and qualities
    a. Matt becomes strange gay Kips protector from the Hutch.
    b. Matt encourages Kips doggie paddling.
    c. When one of the models insults keeps doggie paddling, Matt tells kip, dont worry about her shes not all that
    d. Matt gives Dr. Pat the free trip to Tahiti
    e. Matt saves nervous Kips magic show
    f. Matt is considerate when mollys boyfriend and Molly have a fight. Molly, cup-cake.
    g. Matt guides and cheers the cast through the eating disgusting things.
    h. Matt isnt judgemental. He befriends the loser looking Brian.

    contrast with Tim Shmoe (Mini Matt). Tim Schmoe is really harsh and mean towards strange loser Bryce. Matt would handle Bryce with more class.

    3. Matt is cool and likeable
    a. Everybody likes Matt. Especially Ashley, Earl, Brian, Molly, Kip and the Hutch.
    b. Matt forges special friendships with Earl and Brian

    contarst with Tim Shmoe (Mini Matt) Bryce seems disturbed by him in his interviews. Piper seems repulsed by him in her interviews, especially in the darkened limo. Ew, get away.

    4. Matt has priceless expressions
    a. His bulging eyes.
    b. The defeated look he gets when Ashley says youre like a brother to me.
    c. His thanking god when he meets Tawny Roberts (the high priced hooker)
    d. His fist pumping when he wins 100K
    e. His look of concern when Dr. Pat gives the puppet show based on her life

    5. Matt the failed schemer and mac-daddy
    a. Matt macks on gina with his patented move: we can go to the hot tub later, no just kidding.
    b. Matt macks on ashleigh
    c. Matt tries to get ashlegh eliminated after hes rejected by ashleigh
    d. Matt macks on molly

    6. Matt is outspoken and speaks his mind
    a. that ralph, hes sort of a tool
    b. matt shoots down the tv executive over the dog feces: if you want to hold me in breach, go ahead.
    c. hey, your gonna have to deal with the MattMan: to Hutch

    7. Matt has style
    a. His beat boxing
    b. His balling. Nice form on his jump shot
    c. He can dance
    d. Nice catchphrases: M - K - G

    8. Matt is real
    a. Matt has confidence
    b. Yet Matt has alot of self doubt
    c. Matt isnt mean spirited
    d. Matts the gentle giant

    Contrast Tim Shmoe (Mini Matt) who comes off as one of those fake people, Pal. Tim Schmoe is mean spirited. Tim Schome is hyproctitcal, saying one minute that he doenst talk bad about people, and then the next minute insulting bryce during his interview.

    9. Matt has great one liners
    a. But what do i know Im just a guy from pittsburgh
    b. we could do this or so and so, naw im just kidding/playing with you
    c. Hold the phone, Hold the phone are you an actor?

    Tim Shmoe has great one worders. rubber duculious.

    They really hit the jackpot with Matt. I can appreciate him even more this season and Im really tempted to get the dvd. Matt made the actors better, cuz Matt made the actors react to him: his crying, his anger, his humour, his spontaneity. This type of show doenst work without someone like Matt.

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    Isn't this discussion because we tend to prefer what we're used to? The same debate happening in the Starting Over thread. Those who watched from the beginning liked the original cast best; those who picked up the show later preferred whatever cast they first started watching.
    The producers could try to cast Joe Schmo a hundred times and never get another Matt. He was just too perfect. What's funny is that I don't think they planned on casting someone so likeable. Because it would be so easy for the audience to turn on them. (It was smart to show their own internal struggles with guilt).
    I could be wrong, but Tim seems more like the kind of Schmo they would have cast for the first show. Fairly nice, but a bit of a frat-boy blockhead.
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    Hey! I saw Joe Schmo for the first time last night.
    I was at a viewing party held by one of the writers? He's on camera sometimes...Brett? The orginal Joe Schmo...Matt? He stopped by, too. I guess he was supposed to be in the new episode in disguise, but it got edited out for time.
    I got to watch an uncut new episode. It was 90 min. episode cut down to 60 min. It was pretty much a riot! I had never seen the show before, but I was cracking up! It was also fun to get the inside dirt...but pretty much, what you see is what you get.

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    I think you're thinking of Rhett? He posted on here for a while during Joe Schmo 1 as "muggum"

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    dfleming-- you're right, I think. Rhett is the guy who invited us over. He is friends with my best friend, Bethany. He's super-duper nice. Bethany and I felt a little out of place as we were about ten years younger and a whole lot poorer (hee) than the other guests there. Plus, neither of us had seen the show before so we felt like morons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by candor
    Fairly nice, but a bit of a frat-boy blockhead.
    I agree, Candor. I absolutely fall over laughing when Tim talks out of the corner of his mouth "jackpot" .... PERFECT Joe Schmo material! I keep telling my husband "He's such a guy!"

    Oh God, I hope, I hope they will air the extra 30 minutes we didn't see the other night!!! I adore this show and want to see anything they'll feed us. These writer/producers are absolutely brilliant and I love feeling like we're on the inside of a joke while watching the show.

    Can't wait for next week's episode! Somebody please let us all know if they hear about the extra 30 minutes airing, k? Thanks!!!

    KC, how exciting you went to that party! Got any tidbits of insider info to share? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?

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    Oooh! The episode I saw actually is the one episode after the one that just aired! Hee! So I know what happens in the NEXT episode. But since I can barely get anyone's name right, I should shut my hole.

    There is an edited-away scene that was hilarious (and this spoils nothing) called "School of Gerald"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitschcakes
    Plus, neither of us had seen the show before so we felt like morons.
    Careful! They might try casting you for next season!

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    I happen to think that the last season was superior because of how likable MKG was. He was such a decent guy. You couldn't help but root for him.

    As for JS2, I agree with all the comments about how much of a tool Tim is. I simply could not care less about him. However, I am becoming intrigued with Ingrid. Frankly, many reality show contests are not very bright. I really think the producers thought that they were going to have an easy go of pulling off this premise -- they hadn't counted on the fact that one of their Schmoes would actually listen, question, and think.

    What I loved about JS1 was that MKG constantly surprised the producers and us. What is pulling me into JS2 is Ingrid giving them a run for their money. She really is making them work much harder which makes the show more interesting. The whole Cammy porn-confession incident, for example, was a train wreck! The premise, for the most part, is fairly mean-spirited. What makes magic happen is when the Schmoes, knowingly or unknowingly fight back.

    Go Ingrid!
    Shaken, not stirred.

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