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Thread: 6/22 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    Why do the girls go to the elimination?
    To make sure Ingrid sees everything, probably.

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    Dr. Chaos
    Ernie...No. D*** you Piper! Anyone notice she was struggling to decide whether to eliminate Ernie or Bryce? Its a sad commentary about imaginary Women today when they would rather live with a psycho rather than a fatty..

    Oh wait...This is scripted...Kinda got caught up in the moment there.
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    realityluver, I think it said "but one came freakin close." I don't remember if there was more after that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Chaos
    Ernie...No. D*** you Piper!
    My mind must still be with the "wick" jokes. I thought it was another D word you were using here

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    6/22 Show

    First off, the most hilarious thing so far was the promo before commercial of "The most shocking teaser of the most outrageous eviction ceremony". I mean, I don't really watch any other Reality TV shows, but that was awesome.

    I think that the guy who plays Austin (The Bachelor) is horrible. The producer told him to flirt a little more with Cammie, and he was freaking all over her. I mean, not that most other guys wouldn't be all over her, but still.

    I love Bryce; everything he says and does cracks me up. Bryce just plays the stalker/creepy persona so well.

    During the eviction ceremony, I loved how they would just show each person for like 1 second then move on.

    Of course, it was fairly obvious that Ernie would be gone. I love it how the producers acted like it was all because Ernie took off his shirt. That was a good touch.

    Poor Monticore. Man, that bird is insane though.

    Despite all the hype about Ingird knowing, I think she'll stay on. I mean, the same thing happened this week too with all of the promos of her knowing, and the episode showed that Ingrid was buying into things. I think she's highly skeptical, but I'm kind of under that impression that she'd be skeptical on a REAL reality show too. They should change the title under her name from "Thinks it's all real" to "Hopefully she thinks that it's all real".


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    I cried laughing so hard 3 times in the first 30 minutes. The Falcon flying into the door killed me and the disclaimer was great. Ralph taking forever to walk in the door, the "portugese teabag" line, the fake hypnotism, Bryce's sad to happy face when crushing grapes, when they were waiting for the name to be called switching between the guys, the frog, the falcon, back to the guys...so many parts had me bawling. I love the writing of these shows...they parity the other shows so well. Hopefully they keep getting more viewers and this show can last forever.

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    Lost Person ConfusedONE's Avatar
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    the most enticing tease of the most shocking eviction ceremony yet. oh man that is priceless.

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    FORTfruity applesauce's Avatar
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    The show is great. i am so curious to see what Ingrid figures out. She is very smart even though you probably wouldn't have to be too perceptive to realize things are just crazy and over the top. They better not eliminate her. She is definitely my favorite part of the show. She has a great personality and really holds her own even though she is not an actor.

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    Green Imp
    Couple of thoughts on episode 2.

    First off, it kinda sucked that Spike didn't replay the episode again immediately afterwards like they did with the first, but I imagine it'll get more than enough play during the course of the week. That said, SpikeTV's really doing a great job promoting the show, and it's nice to think of JS as "the flagship" of the network. It really seems like the folks there really know what they're doing, which is refreshing for a TV network. As a post-script, I taped the episode anyway (I don't have a Tivo...whatever the hell a Tivo is) so I was able to watch it again afterwards anyway, picking up what I missed the first time.

    Not knocking the episode, of course, but I found it had fewer laugh-out-loud moments than the first did. This could just be that the first episode was exceptionally f**king hilarious, but I'd rather hope that episode 2 was a little lighter because things haven't had a chance to really get rolling yet. Granted, I still cracked up, just not quite as often.

    I do like the 2 schmos idea, but this episode seemed to demonstrate a little of the weakness in the concept. While the first episode concentrated mostly on Tim, from what I could tell, this second episode was more about Ingrid. Now, that I really liked, and enjoyed the format, as it alternates the focus between one and the other. But it was almost like, when jumping from schmo to schmo, with each storyline "moment" in mind, it seemed like we're missing some of what the other characters offer. In my last post I praised the show's new sense of timing, where JS1 was much slower by comparison, but I do feel that this series almost seems hurried--this episode in particular, at least. We've really only had a chance to scratch the surface with the remaining characters, and yet one of them is assuredly leaving next episode. I'm not saying I dislike the new style now, I just wish the show had a couple more episodes in it, I guess. I suppose I'll have to wait for the DVD.

    It's like only being given a dime-bag when you're craving a full f**king ounce. I'm completely into the show.

    I'm really gaining even more respect for the actors this season, as they're really distinguishing themselves as absolutely flawless when compared to the first season (and I'm not knocking the original cast--I loved 'em). Moreoever, though, you've got to give it to the writers this season. The ideas behind the characters and the particular situations leave the first season in JS2's dust. Granted, they went way over the top this time around, but they did it brilliantly.

    Ralph Garman was excellent again this episode, but hell, that's come to be expected. The man is a comedic genious.

    I roared completely when Ernie took his shirt off. As I expected, that one move was enough to have him removed from the show in favor of the absolutely-insane Bryce. That one gag was a huge payoff for Ernie's character, and as much as I loved the guy and hoped he'd stick around, the idea that he was the perfect man in all respects but one, and when he finally gathered courage and support enough to take off his shirt, which ultimately got him ruled out as a potential suitor in Piper's eyes--that was hilarious. The way they shot the taking-his-shirt-off scene, as if it was as grievous a crime as a Survivor stealing food, was genious. And to the end, I loved Derek's bitterness towards him.

    As for those remaining, I really don't want to see any of them go. Which I guess, again, is a testament to both the calibre of actors and the brilliance of the writers this time around. So I suppose my big complaint about JS2 is that is has to end sometime--and in that, I guess I'm just a big ol' pussweed.

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    I love this show ! The double-entendre quotes used during the show fly over some people's heads while making others laugh out loud. I couldnt stop laughing last week with the "pearl necklace" references. (Austin saying he wished he could give all of you ladies a pearl necklace...lol) My loudest laugh last night (Week 2) was when TJ toyed with Ingrid by squatting over her face and asking if she ever saw a Puerto Rican teabag. I never laugh this genuine for any other shows (except maybe Last Comic) Tammy bouncing in Tim's face while the tactful Tim handles it like a champ was priceless. And dipping your wick in Piper's flame of love is as good as it gets for satire. (Gentlemen please present your wicks...LOL) Even Tim and Ingrid try hard to hold back their laughter...guess they think it's just part of the writing. Cant wait for the next episode. P.S. i thought the bitch should go after Ingrid harder....keep her mind off the conspiracy theories and get her pissed off.

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    I've finished watching the first half of this episode, but I just can't contain my laughter over Montecore any more. That was just about the funniest thing I've ever seen on TV, the whole segment on his "acting". And then the screen about how no falcons were harmed during the filming, but one came really freakin' close.

    Loved the bit about naming Cammy's boobs, too. Tim's pretty funny.

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