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Thread: 6/15 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    green imp,

    i agree with your comments, the stalker guy character is really funny, "he eats mice" hahah!

    i have to agree about your gina character ambrosia, we'll see what happens next episode ... but her whole beauty pageant thing seemed to "ginaish" circa js1

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    OMG Pearl necklace had me Tim was laughing hard too. "I'd like to give each one of you a pearl necklace tonight"

    I was thinking it would probably be harder for them to pull this off on a woman. With all that "intuition" and what not.
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    Yeah, I can't believe that everyone else didn't crack up on the "pearl necklace" thing. I can't believe how straight faced they were when they did their speaches.

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    Im dyinggggggggggggggggg here.....

    I did watch the first JS-but more of a lurker here.......


    Vote for me, Im Cammy!!!!!!!!

    This show is cracking me up-could be the beer-but I think its this show!

    Keep the posts coming--entertain this *lurker* some more!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dallascat
    Vote for me, Im Cammy!!!!!!!!
    That was funny. I like Cammy.

    I wish the drunk (Rita?) didn't get eliminated. She was also really funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina
    who on here is a schmo-er from last season??

    Didn't that thread get incredibly huge?? I remember it being very popular.

    Seemed like this was going to be more hoppin'
    I'm an original Joe Schmo maniac. I was worried that this second one would disappoint, but I find it just as wonderful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Rita, the drunk, was eliminated from the girls.
    Pity, huh? She was fabulous. But I guess Austin wouldn't have been able to justify choosing the lush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homer
    I was here last season... don't worry. This will fill up towards the end like it did last year, especially if the cast or muggum starts posting here as well.
    Muggum (Rhett Rhese) and Smarmy Host (Ralph Garmin) have both said that they will not post here this season, do to the falling out with the board admins last year. They are, however, posting over at the other board with an active Joe Schmoe thread. You know, the site that is a community of users of a certain popular PVR device?

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    I taped this episode and it was so funny I had to watch it twice. I have MANY thoughts, so bear with me.

    First of all, I'm shocked this thread is only 4 pages long. C'mon people - this is the hottest thing going!

    I really need to get some sleep, so I'm going to just quickly string my thoughts together, and they won't make sense to anyone who didn't see the show.

    Gerald with a hard "G". You may catch me referring to him as J-Roc, his 'Trailer Park Boys' persona. Cammy "the Moron". They sure like to call it like it is. She's terrific. I love how Ralph (I mean Derek) enters to fanfare (loved the sidecar), and Ingrid is continually cracking up at his cheesy lines. She's one smart cookie. The big guy, Ernie, is great. His line in the limo: "I just wet myself." He would have seemed an obvious choice for a black ball, but I hope he hangs around awhile. They apparently briefed the 6 day-players on what to do, but that one girl very nearly blew it. I love the "Most Shocking Elimination Ceremony Yet" line - ABC are you paying attention? Rita seemed too over-the-top to me, glad she went first. Tim wondered if she'd been sniffing glue in the limo. Ralph starts the gift-giving scene: "Thank you for your courtesy laughter." One of the funniest bits: Cammy gives Austin her cell phone. So he can call her. (On what? ) And after Ingrid presents her gift, Cammy wonders who Madeleine Albright is. Gerald gives a less-than-manly gift, then off-camera says: "Planting seeds in the garden of gay, hoping Tim would water them." Bryce gives a frog, which Tim describes as vicious. (I hate frogs, and I've never even met a vicious one.) I wonder if they really adopted a bunch of kids for a year, or are those just photos of the producers kids? "Lapdance for Love" was pretty entertaining. Tim seemed a little leery of Gerald at that point, but they bonded later. I split a gut at the "Falcon Twist." The cheesiness just keeps on comin'. A monetary prize is introduced, which must be kept secret from Austin and Piper (hereafter known as A&P) a la 'For Love or Money'. Ernie and Ingrid have their hot tub date with A&P, while the rest of the guys bond. Bryce is hysterical. Tim: "How did this guy pass the psych test? He's 'Cruiser' from Stripes. You can see the mice in his head." At the eviction ceremony Tim was totally losing it at every mention of 'pearl necklace', causing me to choke on my cheese and crackers. (I wonder if I can sue for damages.....) Cammy doesn't like the intense talking stuff: "Vote for me! I'm Cammy!" Austin decides Rita isn't serious enough for him, so Ralph (sorry) Derek directs her down the Trail of Tears. At least she's not 'dead to us'. But it ends with Ingrid feeling like she's on The Truman Show, and thinking Cammy and Ambrosia sounded rehearsed.

    I can't wait for next week! Thanks J-Roc, for doing we Canucks proud.
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    Yep, this season is definitely more hilarious than the last! Love the competitive / reality / dating show parodies. No wonder Ingrid has caught on... it is all too obvious, but also too funny.

    They could lose the "most shocking elimination blah blah blah...." but I guess it's needed for the cheesiness.

    Smarmy host is truly more smarmy this season! Gotta say that his acting ability is pretty good as I would not be able to say those lines with a straight face. Yeah, I would recognize him anywhere!!!

    Really glad that JS2 has improved on this show in this season (at least we can hope since this is only the first eppy). JS1 was a hoot, but the writers are definitely making sure that this season will keep the viewers interested (unlike some other shows where it is all the same caa-caa, different people...).

    Can't wait to read any recaps that get posted here at the FoRT.

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