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Thread: Eleanor - "The Weeper" (Jessica Makinson)

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    Eleanor - "The Weeper" (Jessica Makinson)


    Eleanor is an adorable, sweet, co-dependent, weepy doormat with hair-trigger tear ducts. She cries over everything! Eleanor is desperately in love with Austin after only eight seconds in the room with him. She is ready to have his babies tomorrow.
    Eleanor is one tissue box away from a nervous breakdown. Eleanor is portrayed by Jessica Makinson. She has appeared in several sketches on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and was a series regular on Comedy Central's "Trigger Happy T.V." Currently, she is appearing in two different improv shows in Los Angeles.

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    Any one who co-stared with Jimmy Kimmel ....gets my vote for most likely to....

    thats it...just most likely to....

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    YOU ARE SO FINE !!!!!!

    Hottest girl on JOe Schmo 2 and a damn fine actor!

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    Eleanor is so cool. She is so my idol. o.o

    Not only that, but Jessica Makinson is easily the best actress on the show. She beats the crap out of Jana, anyways.

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    She totally took the oscar for her performance on that show. Wonderfully done, just enough weep to make you feel sorry for her, just enough pathetic to keep you from being annoyed at her. Loved the faces, loved destroying the coupons, loved the exit line. Even with the frog dying, she stole the show that day.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    She did an excellent job

    I really enjoyed her work on this.

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