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Thread: Ingrid, aka "Jane Schmo"

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    Original Jane
    Quote Originally Posted by jlplsss

    So did you get a SAG card out of this?!
    No, but I had to join AFTRA!

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    Hi Ingrid(if it's you) Are we getting schmoed here too. I'm getting suspicious. J/k

    I think you were great and the show was a 100X better than the 1st.


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    Hey Ingrid, you really made the show for me. Glad to see they don't only cast delusional people for this show. Did Amanda or Tim ever express to you any suspicions about the show being fake, besides Amanda recognizing Rita, and stuff they showed on television? Did the writers/cast tell you who was to take your place in the final two if you didn't become a cast member? How far in advanced was each day written? Was it changed after each day's events, or was the script basically the same since the start?

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    Hi Ingrid!

    Loved the show and I was pretty impressed you were able to figure it out. I imagine it's easy to say "that's all fake" when a person's sitting in their living rooms and they *know* it's fake, but it's something else entirely when you're on the show. Or at least that's what I imagine.

    So, now that you've had this cool experience, have you been able to do cool things? For instance, I'm wondering if you've gotten to meet any bigtime celebrities. (Besides yourself and Tim and Amanda of course, who are big time celebrities now, as far as I'm concerned!)

    Also, how long did you have to leave your job when you did this? Just wondering how long a person would have to be away to do a show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Original Jane
    After all, I was not supposed to tell anyone anything and I was boarding a plane for two weeks to an unknown destination. Has anyone ever heard of White Slavery? -forget my concerns about becoming an Average Jane-I was more concerned I was going to be sent off to Saudi Arabia to become an underpaid sex slave.
    Too funny! I loved watching you Ingrid. Your reactions were absolutely priceless. You were great! Hope all's going well in your life.

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    Ingrid- are you Tim, and Amanda going to those vacation places together? Also how much did you really like Austin before you found out the show was fake?

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