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Thread: Ingrid, aka "Jane Schmo"

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    Welcome to FORT, Ingrid. I was very impressed with how quickly you figured out you were being snowed. I think you did an excellent job when you decided to play actress as well. I can't wait to see the finale tonight.
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

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    I can see Ingrid's position. A few years ago I was on a local game show and I was so camera shy and akward. Everyone I knew was suprised because they know me as a chatt so even though that's different than a reality show I probably would have been pretty similar to her in her position.

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    A question for the most beautiful schmo ever Ingrid, How was the discussion with all the actors and actress and Tim and Amanda after everything was revealed? Was it relaxed or was it a little nerve racking or scary? Also Tim looked a little more upset than he was letting on, was he mad at Val/Piper or anyone else there?

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    Ingrid haters need to step off...

    Most of you "Fans of Reality TV" probably have not had the strange experience of seeing someone you met, on TV.

    I have.

    I actually met Ingrid, here in Washington DC. She was working as a waitress in a bar that I would stop by after working with one of my clients in the area.

    I found her to be charming, intelligent, and attractive. Not just easy on the eyes, but a strong presence and profundity that I quickly realized this waitress gig was only temporary in whatever plans she had for herself. It didn’t surprise me one bit after she told me she had traveled extensively and was now studying for her Foreign Service exams.

    I happen to catch today's last Joe Shmoe 2 episode on the Spike channel and I found out that she caught on early to the show’s scheme. It is truly a rare disposition for anyone to open themselves up to the possibilities of extensive travel. Frankly, most average "joe schmoes" can't even possibly begin to conceive the experiences she must have encountered on her own. That kind of life experience just simple fosters and emboldens a sharp mind and I was delighted to know this chick couldn't be fooled by such a contrived concept.

    You just can't mess with her. You meet her and you quickly can sense that she is genuinely confident in her own skin Ya gotta have some balls to be as hardcore as she is. Tough yes, but a bitch she wasn't, at least not to me.

    Washington DC, like most big cities out there, attracts a lot of kids from provincial towns, desperate to get out from where ever they come from. However, having arrived, it just seems like so many of them quickly become afflicted with fake cynicism, self-absorbed posturing and try to play off a bad jaded “been there, done it, whatever” attitude reeks of boring.

    Ingrid could have stopped when she arrived here in DC but it just seems like this only a rest stop for this girl.

    Bravo. She rocks. [mod edit for language] Note to DC please read our board FAQ before you start ranting about Us "picking on poor reality show contestants", and yes we have had the experience of meeting reality show contestants - some are even members here
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    Best Schmoe Ever

    Ingrid, met you ever so briefly last night at the Mill. You are even more beautiful in person.
    How can a regular schmoe get your email address so I can forward you my resume for your review. I've got my cover letter and everything.

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    Sorry for not responding earlier, but I just got back from out of town. I am glad that you chose to answer the posts.

    Like I said before, I did not believe that you knew anything before, until your chat transcripts. Everything is hind sight I guess. But, without those, this whole discussion would not even be taken place.

    I will take your word and put my suspicions to rest. It is all moot now anyways.

    I want to thank you for responding and most of all, entertaining the many households that tuned in each week.

    Please keep on posting....


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    You know, that I know, that you know, that's not whot I said...

    Bravo. She rocks. [mod edit for language] Note to DC please read our board FAQ before you start ranting about Us "picking on poor reality show contestants", and yes we have had the experience of meeting reality show contestants - some are even members here [/QUOTE]

    Whoa, I don't exactly know what got into me when I wrote that one. I suppose after reading umpteen less-than-flattering messages about this girl, many of 'em lame conjectures based on an obviously simplistic, made-for-TV, persona... well, what can I say, I got a little peeved.

    So fair enough, my apologies and I conceed to your editing privillege.

    However... I do have a gripe to express.

    You have a misquote. Clearly, I know you meant it as a paraphrase to my, errr, rather extended rant. But unfortunately for a non-FAQ reading, FORT newbie, it comes off as if I actually wrote those words.

    Which if I recall correctly, I didn't. In fact, I digressed into something about two weeks in Cancun doesn't amount to much, and one would be better off visiting Disney World than DC, etc., etc. Nothing really worthwhile reading anyway...

    But regardless, please be a little more careful next time how you characterize your edits.

    Thanks again! I'm well rested today. Life is good.
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    to the FORT, Ingrid.

    Now the show is over, can you tell us some behind of scene stuffs we didn't get to see on TV?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Original Jane
    I felt so uncomfortable in so many of the very scripted dramatic moments on the show that I just stared or looked like a statue. (For example, Eleanor's coupon book, Bryce's blow-up regarding Everett, dinner with Austin's parents...) I was paralyzed with the fear that I was going to mess everything up.
    I think you are being too hard on yourself. I remember seeing both you and Cammy comforting Eleanor during her coupon book explosion. That seemed like a natural reaction to her situation. Also, during the Bryce and TJ altercation, while all but Tim sat transfixed on the couches, you got up and urged Gerald (with a hard "G"!) to intervene - also a good reaction on your part.

    So did you get a SAG card out of this?!

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    Original Jane
    Quote Originally Posted by Danger Bunny
    If DC wasn't about 2,300 miles away I'd stop by... It sounds like it'll be a blast.

    I have a question since you're hanging out with Tim and Amanda and would be in the know (assuming you can say anything), is there anything going on between them? There seemed to be a little something something between them on the show... That would be so cool, the fake reality dating show does what the real shows can't, end up with a real romance.

    Ooo, I have another question. Once the joke was revealed to you and you got to know the actors, who has the largest juxtaposition between the actor and the character? Who do you have the hardest time seeing them as themselves and not their character.
    I agree! Great question! Kevin Kirkpatrick was by far, the least like his character. He was so warm and kind, not a psycho at all. He helped me prepare my little speech for the preamble moment. He's a really incredible guy!

    But all the actors were wonderful and did a great job in their roles.


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