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Thread: Tim, aka "Joe Schmo"

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    I have been to many bars and never once have I heard anyone discuss Joe Schmo with the bartender. Sports yes. Maybe a mainstream tv show but not a show on Spike Tv. I really like Tim. Plain and simple, he's a nice guy.

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    Maybe he has heard of Joe Schmo. Why would it matter? There are dozens of reality shows out there. Why would he automatically think he's on Joe Schmo when he's been told he's on 'Last Chance for Love'? Do all the people on every other reality show suspect they're on Joe Schmo?

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    Sorry to butt in, but I'd say others don't suspect they're on Joe Shcmo, Qboots, but then again you don't get most of these things in shows like FLOM or the Bach. This is just tooo over the top to believeable anymore for them
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