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Thread: Joe Schmo 2 premieres on Spike TV 06/15

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    Brian Keith Etheridge

    Dude, you are seriously getting skinny!

    Have you guys noticed how skinny he looks on the previews? He's not going to be on the show this year but is still a writer. Damn, he's looking good.

    Brian -- how you doing it?
    If you ever thought you were too small to make a difference......try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.

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    No Spoilers!


    The 'Schmo' Goes On at Spike TV
    (Saturday, June 12 03:40 AM)
    By Rick Porter

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - After "The Joe Schmo Show" set ratings records for Spike TV last fall, the network asked its producers to come up with another reality-show hoax.

    The "Schmo" team wanted to parody a different type of show this time around, so the "Big Brother"-like "Lap of Luxury" from season one was out. Creators Rhett Reese (muggum) and Paul Wernick brainstormed with executive producers Scott Stone and David Stanley -- who also head Stone Stanley Entertainment, which produces the series -- and ultimately decided to zero in on dating shows like "The Bachelor," "Joe Millionaire" and "For Love or Money."

    "We laughed out loud thinking about the things we could do in that genre," Stanley says.

    In fact, they still laugh thinking about it, well after the show has wrapped and less than a week before its Tuesday (June 15) premiere. Like its predecessor, "Joe Schmo 2" will feature a number of big, over-the-top challenges -- a lap-dance contest figures prominently in the premiere. But a number of little digs at overly serious reality shows are evident as well, such as a parody of the way elimination ceremonies are edited. "Imagine how much fun we had sitting in the room when we concocted how many times you could cut back and forth between a rose, a host, a girl, a rose, a girl, a host, a candle, a guy, a host, a girl," Stanley says.

    Where the first "Joe Schmo" had just one mark, "Schmo 2" has both a Joe and Jane Schmo, Washington-area residents Tim Walsh and Ingrid Wiese. They think they're taking part in a show called "Last Chance for Love," where a bachelor and a bachelorette are each seeking a mate. A $100,000 prize is also involved.

    The bachelor and bachelorette, along with the rest of the cast, are once again actors playing familiar reality-show types, including the Bitch, the Stalker, the Player and the Drunk. Ralph Garman, who hosted the first edition, is the only cast member returning -- disguised this time as pompous, falconeering British host Derek Newcastle.

    (One more pit of prevarication: Newcastle's "falcon," Montecore, who delivers news of twists and turns in "Last Chance for Love," is actually a hawk named Ace, who's previously been seen fetching beer in a series of Bud Light commercials.)

    Pulling the hoax a second time wasn't as easy. Given the show's success the first time around, Stone and Stanley say the expended much more effort in casting, both to find people who hadn't heard of "Joe Schmo" and not to tip potential contestants off to the ruse.

    The fact that several other shows -- "Average Joe" and "For Love or Money" among them -- also make deception a key element didn't help.

    "There's now a genre called hoax shows [which] makes going out into the marketplace infinitely harder," Stanley says. "We had to work extra hard to figure out how to go do it" -- and they're not about to reveal how they managed, although it's probably more involved than asking "Did you watch season one of 'The Joe Schmo Show'?" on an application form.

    Casting the performers, most of whom have some improv or sketch-comedy training and a small list of TV and movie credits, was no picnic either. "I think it's fair to say we saw every young actor in Los Angeles" over the course of both shows, Stone says.

    "And again," Stanley adds, "doing that the first time was hard enough. Doing it a second time, without letting everybody know what we were doing and what the show was, was almost impossible."

    Once they had their cast, the producers set to laying out the plot of "Last Chance for Love." Although the dating-show genre pretty much cries out to be parodied, Stone says they tried not to get too silly, lest they tip off their marks.

    "A key in the production of this show is knowing you have to push that line," Stone says. "But where does that line stop, and where does it suddenly become so over the top that it's obvious you're doing something that's not real?

    "Fortunately, we have a pretty broad palate there."


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    I missed it the first time around. It says its on at 10, but for some reason is on at 8 West Coast time. So if anyone, like me, got the time messed up or missed it for some reason it will be on in about 20 minutes on Spike. Unless the time screws me up again, but it says its on after Heat and thats on now.

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