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    Quote Originally Posted by alizarules
    But, was Joe Schmo really a bona fide contest?

    No it wasn't. Matt Kennedy Gould was going to win the money, no matter what. So there was no deception on his chances of winning the $100k.


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    Section 508

    The Fcc Should Have Stopped This Show Immediately. It Was In Direct Violation Of Section 508 Of The Communications Act, Which Forbids In Any Way, Rigging, Fixing, Or Otherwise Influencing The Result Of A Porpourtedly Bona Fide Contest
    I am not sure if you are trolling, or if you honestly believe this, but I will bite. There is indeed a similar clause in Section 508 (a), clause 3. However, you are ignoring the key relevant sentence:

    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person, with intent to deceive the listening or viewing public-- (emphasis mine)

    The FCC drafted these rules to protect the public from scams like those in "Twenty Questions," not contestants from semi-scripted fare like the Joe Schmo Show. Since the Joe Schmo Show made no attempt to deceive the listening or viewing public, it, and shows like it, falls outside the purview of Section 508.

    If you would like to read the regulation yourself, you can google for "508 communication act contest" to come up with the guidelines themselves. I found the text at numerous locations, but, since this is my first post, the system will not allow me to post anything that remotely resembles a link.

    As a result, a more veteran poster will have to post the actual link to the regulations.

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