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    I agree, that I find the one on ones with the actors to be more interesting than Joe Schmoe himself. The over-the-top competitions and acting are really not worse than what you'd expect from a new reality show trying to break into the market so I think again Matt is probably just thinking this is par for the course.

    I also agree that in the end he will get the prize money and seems like the type to just laugh it all off.

    I don't think the actor's losing track of their characters will be too much of a problem as matt will just question their honesty rather than if they are genuine contestants. With the exception of screw-ups like the boxers, but if they switch results on the fly it will be tough to keep track of those things.

    The immunity robe is hillarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie
    I forgot about this show. I meant to tune in. Are they re-playing the premiere any time soon?
    Yes. They are replaying it Sept 7 at 8pm. (Eastern)

    Of course, if Spike TV is anything like the New TNN, I'm sure you'll find it sandwiched between episodes of Real TV.

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    I thought that throwing the plate into the fire was a riot. It makes me wonder if at the end of the show there's going to be a pile of plate pieces left in the fire or if they'll clean them out in between.

    The 'host' really doesn't seem any worse than that guy on For Love or Money. The quality of our 'contestant' Matt doesn't surprise me given the fact that the producers only offered $100k for the 'prize.' $100k? After taxes that's barely a midlevel BMW. Anybody could blow through that in a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Well, this starts on Tuesday. Anyone planning to watch?

    I think it might be interesting and slightly funny, but I'm not sure I see the point in the whole thing.
    I watched it and found it amazingly's gonna be a blast to watch. I especially love the "immunity robe"....Kip is gonna love that when he wins it....and will the "Marine guy" wear it ? It was funny to see him in those underwear....I almost peed in my pants that was so funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I just made the same comment in a nother thread
    He doesn't appear legit to me at all.
    I did get the feeling he could be an actor too.....but unlike others I thought the show was have to look at it as a spoof, not as a reality show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stebo
    I guess I am in the minority, I laughed out loud several times. "Joe" reminds me of Dave from Paradise Hotel.
    I agree, I more than once during the's so bad, because it's SUPPOSED to be so bad, it's one of the points. Some of you guys need to understand it's over the top on's a spoof not only of Joe, but also of those Reality Shows.

    I also would like to see it get it's own forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stebo
    Did anyone think that the host was going to say, "ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we hpoe you bust your brithches when you burn with us"and then throw the "collectors plate" in the fireplace. This show just has so many inside jokes that I really think it might be too smart for some people. I was laughing out loud and my wife was just absolutely puzzled. Absolutely no idea what I was laughing at. Bring it on Joe Schmo, I am hooked.
    That's it....some folks just take the REALITY TV thing way to seriously.....they don't get that this is a's bad on purpose. Joe Schmoe is my fav Reality TV show right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    I watched a bit of it last night . While I also think the concept is worthy , the "actors" are horrid. You have to love the casting of the characters though.
    The psycho military dude
    The overly gay guy
    The blonde virgin
    The sultry bitch
    The a**hole
    Eny...the actors are SUPPOSED TO BE HORRID....that;s the whole point !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealVoyeur
    This is a thread... I assume you mean get its own board? I'd second that motion!
    I thrd it....please John, Joe Schmoe deserves his own forum, the poor schumuck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie
    I forgot about this show. I meant to tune in. Are they re-playing the premiere any time soon?
    Paulie look for it this Saturday...I believe it's on sometime in the late afternoon.

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