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    I watched a bit of it last night . While I also think the concept is worthy , the "actors" are horrid. You have to love the casting of the characters though.
    The psycho military dude
    The overly gay guy
    The blonde virgin
    The sultry bitch
    The a**hole
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    I found it fairly amusing. The over the top parody of the immunity item - a huge, magenta colored pimp coat trimmed with feathers - made me laugh. It's ridiculously silly and if this guy wasn't planted here, I'll be shocked. It's so ridiculous that I can't see how anyone can fall for it.

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    I didn't like it. Gina's speech at the end was so stupid and overacted. I don't see how he could possibly have been fooled.

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    I forgot the host . The host is priceless as he's every bad host from Probstinator to Monica rolled into one.

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    It was horrible, but I really enjoyed it because it was so bad.

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Gina you are dead to us.

    The hands on the hooker was a bit much and just seemed like a ploy by SPIKE TV - THE FIRST NETWORK FOR MEN (as if - Canada's had MenTV for a couple years now - plus there is always ESPN) for a gratuitious nudity scene.

    It's dumb, dumb, fun.

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    I think the likers and the dislikers are about half and half in here.

    Why doesn't this show get it's own thread, by the way? I mean, I realize it's only about 1/16th reality, but it's still funny. Is it because it's on cable? I'm still too new to know how things work around here.

    I, for one, thought the show was hillarious. Parts of it could be construed as tasteless, if it weren't on "The First Network For Men". I think that sort of sets up a precident.

    Here are my observations:
    -This is a GREAT show to watch if you've ever had to be a part of an improv group. I was trying to explain to my roommate last night how hard it is to keep up a facade for any length of time, let alone 24 hours a day.

    -I enjoy watching the actors more than Joe. I think it's possible Joe already knows and is just playing along. Either that, or he was hand picked because of his EXTREME gullibility-I've known people who would fall for this show. Totally.

    -If he doesn't know, they're making it just so ridiculous to keep him constantly wondering. Think about it-if it weren't so ludicrous, with ludicrous characters, it wouldn't be so funny.

    -Also funny to see the reactions of the producers when Matt does something he's not supposed to.

    -The Hands On A Hooker thing might have been tasteless, had it not been a porn star. It's not like she's going to mind.

    I'm looking forward to the next episode. Feel free to toss tomatoes at me or whatever if you don't agree. It's not like that hasn't happened before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YCan'tAngieRead
    Why doesn't this show get it's own thread, by the way?
    This is a thread... I assume you mean get its own board? I'd second that motion!

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    I forgot about this show. I meant to tune in. Are they re-playing the premiere any time soon?
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    great parody

    I like the show.

    It would be soooo hard to stay in character for that long. We've seen survivor, BB etc people over and over that can't keep their lies straight imagine trying to keep your lies and your cover in order.

    I love it because it is a parody of reality shows with a twist of still being a reality show. And IMO Matt won't get screwed because he will win the 100k.

    what I really want to see is that the 'reunion' show is everyone sitting around with Matt and going over all the mistakes they made with their characters

    Gina's speech was way over done but I love the other over the top touches

    you're dead to us now

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    I love the idea for this show, was the first episode 2 hours? I saw about 45 minutes of it (maybe it was only an hour) and I think as they get going and they start playing there characters over the top, and turning on each other, and really crank up the drama it will be pretty funny.

    It's also going to be funny to have him lose pretty much every competition, he seems like he's competitive and probably is used to winning (he actually kinda reminds me of Mark Cuban). As they said he's a perfect fit to be Joe Schmo, he actually seems really cool, and he's really open and straightforward.

    One other think that will be interesting to see how many times the actors screw up and have to recover, probably moreso in the early episodes, it's going to be hard probably to be in character and remember everything 24 hours a day for a long period of time (especially if anyone gets sauced). The only thing I didn't like was that there seemed to be a heck of a lot of commercials, I mean in 1 15 minute block they went for ads like 3 times i think!

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