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    After a second watching, I have changed my views, just a tad.

    I got really uncomfortable watching Matt, given the information someone passed along that he was angry at the end. I didn't enjoy watching him at all. I hope that this report was wrong...

    However, I DID really enjoy the actors-moreso than the first time. Some of the stuff they come up with on the fly is priceless. Like Italians wear thongs, some Germans...and people from South Beach? That was hillarious.

    And Hands On A Hooker still didn't bother me, and I was TOTALLY amused (again) that Matt took EVERYONE by surprise.

    Oh, and I missed the first 20 minutes or so the first time I watched it. When I saw the cheesy host guy ride up on the white horse, a-la Joe Millionaire, I just about wet myself laughing.

    I also noticed more either intentional or unintentional nods to real reality shows, which I think are classic.

    I also wonder if the actors were not coached too much on their characters by design. If they'd have been too coached, they would have seemed flat. It's their own additions to the characters that make them priceless.

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    Oh, and Spike TV, get your freakin' act together! Geez. How do you expect to get viewers if you're constantly adjusting the scheduling?

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    The times for the second show look like this:

    Tuesday 9 PM
    Sunday 1 AM
    Sunday 8 PM

    All Eastern standard time.

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    I like the girl who plays the "virgin". I thought that was hilarious when she had her hand on tawni roberts breast and the a-hole was calling her out.

    I usually hate the "i am a virgin" person on any reality show, they come accross as extremely annoying.

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    as bad is this show is, i watched it again just for the bad acting, lol

    man that guy matt is what you would call a "schmo"

    and the host is a "tool"

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    I really thought it was funny when they play out any situation for the "joe" to humiliate himself on national tv... i thought the pool scene with Hutch was hilarious.. Hutch: "I wanna hear you say it:" Matt: "I master****".... (i didn't know it this was against the rules... so i x-ed out some of the word.. i'm sure everybody knows what i'm talkiing about)

    I'm tuning in every tuesday to see what they make him to... lol

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    Thanks for the "standing O" Foggy!

    Does anyone know how the show did ratings-wise? The only cable ratings I can find are weeks/months behind. Muggum maybe?

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    The ratings were strong, but they could always stand to get stronger! The network is very happy, and looking to get happier as word of mouth spreads. Keep telling everyone you know! =)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Muggum
    The network is very happy, and looking to get happier as word of mouth spreads. Keep telling everyone you know! =)
    You have to help me out disclosure or anything like that...but help me not feel uncomfortable every time Matt says something!!!??? Like maybe he signed a release. Or isn't as upset as it seems. Don't tell me...just tell me to enjoy it...I don't want to feel sorry for him-I'd rather just enjoy the show.

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    Angie, I have a theory on that...

    Since Matt was technically the only real person playing "Lap of Luxury", with a $100k prize, I'm figuring he won it, and the money, and even though he's a little peeved at being made the fool, he's got his cash.

    Does that help? It doesn't really help me, because I don't like prank shows, and this is just a serialized prank show...But maybe you.

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