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Thread: Evan shares some surprising dirt re. editing

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    Evan shares some surprising dirt re. editing

    I received this email and I thought this group would find it interesting.


    I know Joe Millionaire is over and done with, but my
    husband and I heard an interview with Joe himself
    (Evan) the other day and he had some VERY INTERESTING
    things to say! This surprised us, because all along
    we agreed with you that Evan was a dolt. The
    interview was on the Don and Mike show on Talk Radio.
    They had been ripping Evan the whole run of the show,
    and said at the end of the interview that they were
    very impressed with what he had to say. They also
    urged him several times to write a book about his
    experiences, and I hope he does. I would buy it!

    Anyway, and yes, this will be kind of a long e-mail,
    so get comfy... He said that he thought the editing
    was very unfair, especially to the women, but even as
    far as he was concerned. In the hot tub scene, he
    said that he DID get out and follow Zorra into the
    house. He was toweling off, and she went ahead and
    headed indoors because it was cold, but he followed
    her. When they showed the shot of him still in the
    hot tub with the other women, it had been taken
    earlier in the evening, and Zorra was still there,
    just not in the shot. This was the biggest relief to
    me, because I was really pissed off at Evan after this

    He said that several times he was given lines to read
    into a mike, that editors later dubbed over other
    scenes. He said he believed that the women were asked
    to do the same thing. (Scripted lines IS NOT reality!
    How dare they!!!)

    He was very upset about the scene out on the balcony
    where he was talking to one of the Producers.
    (Remember that one?) That producer was assigned to
    him, and acted like his buddy the whole time, but
    actually was really a mole to be a link between Evan
    and the other producers. He said he hasn't spoken to
    that producer again, and won't ever in his life,
    because he had told Evan to take off his mike before
    they stepped onto the balcony, making Evan believe it
    would be a private conversation. As it turned out,
    the producer himself was miked, and they used night
    vision cameras that Evan didn't know about so it was
    totally a set up!

    The final thing that really stood out, was regarding
    his "revealing the secret" to the two women. With
    Zorra, they showed her pausing, before saying she was
    relieved he didn't have the money, when in truth he
    said it was an immediate response. With Sarah, they
    had made her wait and hour and a half (!) for Evan to
    show up, and the nasty look on her face was shot
    during that time! Her immediate response was actually
    "So? That doesn't matter to me." He said she was
    very sweet, and thought she got a raw deal on the
    final episode!

    You know, Rob, we've always known that they use
    creative editing to make these shows more exciting,
    but I think FOX went a little too far this time. I
    think real reality would have still given them a very
    good show. I have vowed to NEVER watch another one of
    their reality shows because this!

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    Thanks for posting this Rob ! The more this show gets examined in hindsight, the phonier it is. Scripted lines are the last straw.

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    Does it even fit as "reality" TV?

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    Anyone foolish enough to go on a reality tv show and not expect these kinds of things to happen is, well, an idiot.

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    True, Eden - I think the show was entertaining but I can't get all up in arms about editing stuff; I'm over it.

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    Originally posted by Leo
    Does it even fit as "reality" TV?
    not when they have scripted lines to read and they insert them whereever they want. then it's not anymore. IMHO

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    interesting to read that the late night discussion with the producer was not scripted, however. That was Evan really being torn up about the deception and his decisions and he was duped into thinking it wouldn't be on tape, but it was REAL baby. Ok, somewhat real.
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    Originally posted by Eden
    Anyone foolish enough to go on a reality tv show and not expect these kinds of things to happen is, well, an idiot.
    I agree that the participants have no justification for getting all torn up over it (maybe miffed is understandable, but furious would be a bit much).

    But the viewers have every right to be disgusted when editing is so heinous that it dramatically alters the way people in the show appear to the audience.

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