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Thread: Evan and Zora Broken Up - What a Surprise

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    Evan and Zora Broken Up - What a Surprise

    Splitsville for Evan and Zora
    Sat, Mar 22, 2003 02:29 PM PDT

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Can a couple split up if they were never together in the first place? In the world of reality TV, the break-up process is as simple as never picking up the phone. According to the AP, Zora Andrich and Evan Marriott haven't spoken in weeks, ending hopes that those crazy kids from "Joe Millionaire" would be able to work it out.

    "I really liked him, but we haven't talked since the 'Joe' reunion in February," Andrich tells US Weekly in its March 31 issue. "He's so caught up in everything. I'd rather be with a construction worker than with someone who craves the spotlight like that."

    On the February 24 "Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath," the long-awaited reunion of Evan and Zora consisted of the pair sitting next to each other in uncomfortable near-silence for less than five minutes. The walked away making plans to be in touch on the outside world, but apparently true love wasn't worth long distance phone charges.

    This was a twist "Joe Millionaire" producers may not have seen coming. In the first place, who would have guessed that Evan would have found a woman who loved him for his personality and not for his imaginary fifty million dollars? It turns out that Zora may have fallen for Evan in his $19,000-a-year incarnation, but that she just can't stomach him as a $15,000-a-pop public personality or as a largely inert KFC pitchman.

    Zora has reportedly kept the jewelry acquired on the show, but she has yet to receive her part of the million-dollar surprise from the show's finale. Zora, who wants to becomes a holistic nurse, plans to use part of her prize to get medical care for relatives in Serbia, proving that bubbly Melissa M. wasn't the only contestant with a "mercenary" heart.
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    Quick Zora, change your phone number so that yucky awful man can never call you. Fox, send that woman her money!!!!!
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    how sad

    its very sad that zora and evan broke up hopefully there is a chance that they might be together again zora seems like a very sweet girl did they split the money?

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