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Thread: Sara to pose for Playboy

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    Ok, just saw the pics.

    What a disappointment.

    I don't know how, but her boobs looked a LOT smaller in these pics than on the show. I don't know if maybe she lost weight or they airbrushed things oddly (like maybe to make things more even or something) and this was the result.

    Also, not to be too horribly picky, but her arms and belly looked chubbier than on Joe (I realize this contradicts what I said above, but the pics are so weird it is hard to figure out).

    Also, it is almost as if the pics are of 3 or 4 different women. I guess this just goes to show how much Playboy can do with all their technology, but it is almost surreal how weird some of the pics look. Some of them do not look ANYTHING like her. Looking at them in order, it really is like looking at a couple of different people.

    Playboy should try to get as many girls from "Joe" as possible and have a vote to see who wins.

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    When I read an article about this, I about spewed coffee when I read that she would pose only if it didn't involve full frontal nudity because "I was a women's studies major". I guess fetish films are ok with the women's studies group???

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    That is exactly what crossed my mind GG. Of course it was strange for a womens studies major to have starred in a show like JM.
    Bagging a "rich guy" is exactly the opposite of that mentality.

    They should have had you doing the asking Paulie. She would have said yes the first time

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    If you're trying to butter me up, Eny, it's working.
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