Episode One: We meet Joe and the ladies.
Joe Millionaire - Episode One Recap

Episode Two: Joe has group dates, Heidi flames out and Mojo makes her move.
Joe Millionaire: Episode Two Recap

Episode Three: Off to Paris we go for the first private dates.
Joe Millionaire - Episode Three Recap

Episode Four: Evan is struggling to keep his secret.
Joe Millionaire: Episode Four Recap

Episode Five: Melissa, Sarah and Zora fly off to exotic locales as Evan picks his final two.
Joe Millionaire - Episode Five Recap

Episode Six: Television garbage.
Joe Millionaire - Episode Six Recap

The Finale: Evan choses Zora, and says goodbye to a 'fun' friend.
Joe Millionaire - Episode Six Recap

The Aftermath: Evan and Zora meet again.
Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath Recap