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Thread: melissa on the wrap-up show

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    melissa on the wrap-up show

    Last night was the first time I actually liked Melissa.

    I thought she did really well with the on-the-street interviews, looked great and was very fun and funny.

    Maybe there's a career for her on ET or some other bogus show like that.

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    I have to agree to liking Melissa for the first time too. Did you notice how quickly she said "that's not nice" when someone picked on Sarah? I was surprised and pleased that she would defend her.

    I have to admit to watching her reactions of the show, just to see how she was handling things, and she seemed concerned for Sarah and somehow "kinder" if that makes sense.

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    It makes very much sense, barbh.

    I've heard it said that a real friend is a friend that defends you when you're not around.

    I think Sarah (who, imho, isn't deserving of all the negative pap she's been hit with) has a real friend in Melissa.

    It would have just been as easy for Melissa to bad-mouth Sarah and laugh along with her "friends" at the viewing party. Melissa
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