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Thread: Aftermath Vidcaps - Evan & Zora

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    Aftermath Vidcaps - Evan & Zora

    I just grabbed a few vidcaps of E&Z together.




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    Ahhhh, bless 'em.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I still think she is a babe!
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    I have got to agree Zora is a total babe....but hey with all of her current males fans out there I am sure she can do way better than Evan....


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    Very sweet.
    I give it a month before some other guy who really is rich spirits her away from Evan. Probably by engaging her in conversation above a grade 4 level.

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    Didn't the reunion seem so staged? Where's the love between those two? I'm assuming this interview occurred on Thursday as Zora mentioned that after the finale, she received 20 something emails from friends on Tuesdsay. Didn't it seemed weird that they don't even hold hands at the end? I have a strong feeling, the producers are up to their puppet manuevers again.

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    The reunion seemed very forced. Lots of nervous smiles and awkward looks and glances between the two. I have a feeling these two will truly "give it a shot" in the real world, both knowing that it isn't going anywhere. They were both right when they said the other was perfect for the show, however.
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    It would've seem phonier to me if they both were all lovey-dovey with each other. It was obvious that they were attracted to each other, but I didn't feel like "love" bloomed between the two during the show. It doesn't help that they haven't talk to each other since the show was taped.

    I really hope that those two make it, but it seems like a long shot.

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    They were very cute together. They played it cool. Seeing Zora's reluctance to much personal contact during the show, this makes more sense than them falling all over each other, holding hands, etc., if it wasn't genuine. Hopefully they give it a try. She may have guys in line for her, but I doubt he'll be lacking for ladies in waiting.

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    Did Zora's teeth look different to anyone else? I had always thought she had a nice smile but last night the teeth looked smaller in front and longer on the sides. Kind of what a baby who has had a bottle for too long looks like. I still think she is attractive but something seemed different.

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