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Thread: A thought on Evan's decision

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    A thought on Evan's decision

    I was just wondering, who would Evan have picked if he knew that he was going to get $500,000? Would he still pick Zora, or would he have picked someone else? I recall Evan thinking about why he wouldnt be compatible with some of the women because of his salary and stuff like that. JW....

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    Ooooh, what a good question.

    I'll have to have a think about this one.
    Very good question.
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    Ok, that does it!!!!!!!

    no one told me there was going to be a pop quiz today. is this an essay question or multiple choice?

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    Good question.

    He basically seemed to dump Sarah because he rightly (in my opinion) assumed that she was more interested in Joe Millionaire than she was in Evan.

    If he really believed that at the time, I would hope that he still made the same decisions. That's hope talking though, and in reality this is Evan, so I wouldn't be surprised if he went for someone else.
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    I think that his experiences with shallow women in the past would have made him make the same decision. He wanted someone who would like him for who he was, bulldozer operator and all. He wouldn't have wanted someone to whom money mattered, whether or not he had it.

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    * Agrees, but then suddenly remembers Evan is not the sharpest knife in the drawer*

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    Hi, Olivia!
    Off-topic, but not really...

    Anyone notice the funny coincidence about Zora's name:

    "Zora AndRICH" ("And rich")?

    Sometimes, real life is stranger than fiction.
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    I just need to make the point that IF Evan knew that whomever he chose was going to share the $$$, then........if he chose someone wouldn't it be like 1.5 steps away from prostitution? (so to speak?)

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    Well... I'm not quite convinced that Evan didn't already know he would receive half a mil if the woman he chose didn't dump him upon learning he was a meager construction worker.

    So yeah, I think he went with the safe bet with Zora.

    Now.. if he thought he would get it regardless.. I kinda think he'd have gone with Sarah.
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