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Thread: Zora & Evan: On the Rocks with a Twist

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    Zora & Evan: On the Rocks with a Twist

    I just read an interesting AccessHollywood article online which not only bodes ill for our "fairy tale couple" (DUH!), but contains some surprising observations from an ex-boyfriend of Zora's that provide interesting contrast to her immaculate, humble image (i.e. her role as a temptress in a low-budget movie, or the implication that said ex & Zora engaged in some Heidi-ish canoodling not long before she departed for JM).

    Hearing these things don't tarnish my image of Zora in the least (I still love her! And at least she was in a film called "Silicone Valley" not "Hogtied"). The ex-boyfriend sounds quite smarmy, so his nudge-nudge-wink-wink suggestions don't faze me. In fact, I find it almost refreshing to hear something about Zora other than the standard Disney heroine party line. She may be more complicated underneath the surface.

    There's also brief mention of FOX's new JM2 concept.

    (See below for article or CLICK HERE).

    Is "Big Joe" and Zora's Romance in Trouble?

    Forty million viewers tuned into the Joe Millionaire finale to hear Evan Marriott say "I choose you" to subsitute teacher Zora Andrich. But the big news is that since the taping of the episode the "couple" is allegedly on the rocks. People Magazine snagged the couple's interview and Access Hollywood spoke to Zora's ex-boyfriend.

    " I was kind of shocked that she accepted his offer to be with him," said Brian Gurniak, Zora's ex-beau.

    Gurniak doesn't think it's a match made in heaven. The Physique Bodywear model was with Zora just days before she left for France to participate in the show. He recently weighed in on the odds of a long term Zora-Evan union.

    "My hunch is 'No' because I think that she would want to have true honesty in a relationship. Somewhere along the line it probably entered her mind that this wasn't right for her," Gurniak told Access.

    According to the latest issue of People Magazine, the relationship appears anything but hot and heavy. Evan told People that "Zora was an innocent girl who was sweet and nice. She was pretty. She was just the perfect girl for the show."

    Zora, a New Jersey native, also doesn't sound like a woman madly in love. In the interview she said, "Is it possible to find true love in just a month with someone? Honestly, I think it would be highly unlikely. The chances of it are pretty slim."

    Meanwhile, Evan continues to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame while tooling around L.A. in a new Mercedes. FOX is sending him on an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii as a thank you for the huge ratings. Will Zora be by his side?

    "To go on TV in front of millions of viewers and deceive 20 women and the public that he had all this wealth would not be something I think Zora would be attracted to," added Gurniak.

    Either way, FOX is now scrambling to figure out a sequel to the mega-hit. But how do you dupe America twice? Network executives are kicking around an idea that involves men, women and lots of money. Now all they have to do is figure out how to turn that into another ratings blockbuster.

    Fairy tales do come true, but now it's back to reality. Access Hollywood worked overtime to uncover the real Zora -- from her ex-boyfriend to her lost movie.

    Zora acted in the low-budget Silicone Valley in 2001, playing a woman named Misty that men just couldn't resist (sound familiar?). She was paid $200 for her work in the unfinished film. Access is the first to air Silicone Valley clips to a mass audience.

    To prepare for her stint on Joe Millionaire, Zora once again dug deep into method acting mode. Her ex Brian was there.

    "Two days before she had the part we were together watching the movie French Kiss starring Meg Ryan," recalled Gurniak. "Zora wanted to learn the language in France a little bit better and that's why she rented the movie. But that night we didn't watch too much of the movie if you know what I mean."
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Ugh, he does sound like a bit of a slime.

    Either way, FOX is now scrambling to figure out a sequel to the mega-hit. But how do you dupe America twice?
    They didn't dupe America once!!

    They told the big secret before the show even started airing and many people had guessed what the "plot" was even before that.
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    Originally posted by fluff
    They didn't dupe America once!!

    They told the big secret before the show even started airing and many people had guessed what the "plot" was even before that.
    Good one!


    Keep in mind that this is "Access Hollywood" we're talking about, and--paragons of journalism though they are up there with CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune--no doubt they were under deadline pressure and the editor missed a few fine points before going to press.

    After all, Access Hollywood had to consider the Grammys and chasing Ashanti and Puffy around to photograph what they were wearing.
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    I really wish these two would work out somehow. They complimented each other tonight in the interview. I agreed with Mark, great chemistry.

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