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  • did you like Evan in the beginning?

    8 42.11%
  • did you like Evan as time went on?

    5 26.32%
  • After the finale did your opinion of Evan change?

    10 52.63%
  • Finally, do you think he's good enough for Zora?

    5 26.32%
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Thread: Who likes Evan more now? Poll

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    Who likes Evan more now? Poll

    I'm curious-
    I missed the finale as I whined about in another post.
    What I'm wondering is
    It seems as if people here like Evan more and it seems as
    if it has something to do with the finale.
    I liked him in the beginning then as each show would air I
    started to dislike him and his lie more and more.
    Other people seemed to feel the same here but, after reading
    so many posts on the finale it seems as if people's opinion's

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    hey you guys I'm new here and I just read my poll
    I'm not very good at this so ...I think I made my point
    although my poll looks stupid......
    I need more coffee!! :stupid

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    I knew what you meant. I was wondering the same thing myself, if Evan-haters liked him more after the finale. I doubt it, those Evan-haters are a pretty opinionated bunch!

    I liked him from the beginning, but even more after the finale. I think he's a pretty even-tempered, genuinely nice and mellow guy. I bet he'd be fun and wouldn't have many hangups, like he'd be willing to bail for a weekend on a crazy road trip. I also detected a lack of emotional baggage, i.e. psychotic ex-girlfriends or bad breakups, which I place higher value on as time goes by (and I meet more guys with these types of issues). Also, it's hard these days to find a guy that age who has never been married, has no kids and doesn't smoke. Just meeting those fundamentals means he's OK in my book.

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    I thought he was alright in the begining and as the show went on I had mixed feelings about him. Generally I liked him. During the finale I really liked him.
    I think Evan and Zora make a cute couple, I really hope they can have their fairy tail ending
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    I thought he was pretty dull and braindead and was really embarrassed to say I worked in construction for over 25 years after watching him.

    As for the lie.....remember that was the whole point of the show, how can you be mad at him when he is just doing what he was told to do? He couldn't very well say in the middle of the ballroom, "Hey the whole thing is a sham!" that would have knocked the show out right then and they would have found someone else to go along with the lie to make the show

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    I dislike him, I think he is an idiot. I think his whole reasoning for the lie "I just want a girl who will like me for me, not my money" is stupid and dumb. At the end of the show he almost could have redeemed himself if he has told Zora "look, I"m an actor but I fell for you anyway." and I might have liked him a tiny bit better. But I went from being not thrilled by him, to disliking him and thinking he was an uncouth, rude, stupid dolt who needs to grow up preferable out of the carmera lens. The last show just confirmed my feeling, he wasn't good enough for any woman on that show (yes even Heidi and Alex)

    Gee I feel much better now.
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    Well, Evan isn't a super-intellectual kind of guy, at least from what we've seen. I thought he was a cutie at first, as the show went on I though he was good hearted and at the end, he impressed me by not buying into Sarah's seduction technique and going for true worth.

    However, I don't think he's anywhere NEAR good enough for Zora! That woman deserves someone incredibly special and I think that Evan is just your average, good looking, good hearted goofball.

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    Man, if only those average, good looking good hearted goofballs were easy to find.....

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    I never liked Evan much, but I do now. I'm glad he could see through Sarah and was able to pick the nicest girl.

    He needs a haircut though, I don't like his messy hair.

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