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Thread: A Question Just For Women

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    A Question Just For Women

    We can assume that Zora found out with the rest of us that Evan and Sara did something more than kiss on that walk in the woods. Should she continue to see him now that she knows that Sara gave him a b.job? Would you continue to see him under those circumstances?

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    This doesn't answer your question, but after watching Sarah do a mime routine with the sock, I now know why FOX kept saying the finale would "blow your socks off."

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    I have thought about that exact same thing.

    Here's my take on this issue:

    I look upon this whole incident as a sped up "teen years" kinda thing... A lot of people date & have sex etc with several people before they meet The One, and ya need to accept that people have had sex etc before they met you.

    That's kind of the way I see this whole thing is, she knew he was dating several women at once while this show was going on, and she's not blind to the fact that some might have gone a little further than a kiss and a hug to win his 50 million dollars. It's like he had all the dates he could've had up through the years in 2 months.

    It will be interesting to see what she says, however personally I would be a little hurt & upset, but would look at the whole picture like this. If I really thought we were meant for each other, then I'd be willing to see past that incident.

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    If I were Zora, I'd be hurt. But, it sounds like he was a "receiver" as opposed to a "giver", which does make somewhat of a difference. And, he did choose Zora. If I were her, I'd probably say "Ok, we're making a fresh start here." And, go from there - find out how you get along WITHOUT cameras around 24/7

    On the flip side - my b/f felt that Sarah was trying to "buy" her way into the top spot with her performance in the woods, which is why she was pissed when she didn't get chosen.

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    Well, Evan is a guy! If he was thinking with his other head, let's show him some mercy. *cough* He hadn't made promises to anyone during the show. So, if Sarah did give him more than he bargained for, I wouldn't hold that against him, if I were Zora.
    (We can only hope they practiced safe sex.)
    You only live once...

    Now, if he did anything with anyone--even "just a little peck"-- after I'd asked him to go on the "journey" with me, then I would drop him like a hot sock puppet.

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    eh, it's not like Evan and Zora were exclusive, and she knew that.

    However, if it were me, I'd take the "don't ask, don't tell" tack and not even want to know. I don't really think it would be my business until I was in a committed relationship with a guy.

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    Originally posted by Shayla
    Now, if he did anything with anyone--even "just a little peck"-- after I'd asked him to go on the "journey" with me, then I would drop him like a hot sock puppet.
    I agree. Zora might be a little uneasy watching what happend during the show, but she had to expect there would be kissing and maybe a little bit more going on between Evan and the other girls. I'm sure she heard Sarah and Melissa talking about their dates with Evan. Now that the show ended, their journey together is just starting. If Evan starts to stray off, then she can tell him to hit the high road. That's what I would do.

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    I wouldn't be with someone like him to begin with. I do not think him and Zora will last.
    The lying bothers me more than the woods thing.
    If I were Zora, and I was going to stay with Evan.....I'd make him go get tested for anything he could have caught. More could have happened. I think Melissa and him had sex. They edited out a lot I'm sure.
    I just don't trust the guy at all.
    Zora can do way better in MHO

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    True Stevie, but wouldn't you do that with any guy (get him tested that is)? I wouldn't want nor be able to find a guy who had been totally celibate before me.

    I don't think he had sex with any of the girls. I don't think he was anywhere near as sleazy as those Bachelor guys. Since the lie was bothering him so much I don't think he would have done it. And as I've said before, a lie about money such as this one, is really not that big of a deal unless one really cares about money. Especially if he had been dumped so many times for only being a construction worker, I don't blame him. He revealed the truth before anyone could reasonably get hurt (it was only a few weeks of taping after all).

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    I would bet that he not only had a blow job, but had sex with MoJo, Melissa and Sarah. We saw all three of them go into his bedroom and then shut door. He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to throw them out of bed.

    MoJo was sure he was the one.
    Melissa wanted to prove she wasn't little sister material.
    Sarah just wanted to be sure she won.

    If I were Zora I wouldn't plan on a lasting relationship with Evan. I think he would stray very easily and who want a guy you have to keep a lease on.

    Besides she would do better with someone a bit smarter and more concerned with making the world a better place. She seems a more caring and giving person than Evan could ever hope to be.

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