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Thread: A Question Just For Women

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    No, Miss F, you are making sense. I think I didn't make my point clear. I think that one can engage in sexual activity at any point in a relationship that one wishes to - my complaint is people who participate in sexual activity with a person then judge that person as being "easy" and therefore not worth being in a relationship with. After all, it takes two. What kind of person judges someone harshly for something they BOTH did? It's ridiculous....

    That's what I meant about the Madonna/Whore complex. Some men see women as either completely virtuous or completely sexual; they can't see both attributes in one person. They'll have sex with the "whore" but they'll want to marry a "madonna" but they can't see the "madonna" as sexually attractive because she is supposed to be completely virtuous. Therefore, any woman with whom he is sexually active is automatically tossed out of the running. It's pretty messed up, but not very uncommon.

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    I think of the artist Madonna then whore. You're confusing me!!

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    Double standards suck. And on the flip side, no one ever worries about a man-whore, that's totally expected. I think if Joe had walked away from Sarah in the woods, within 15 minutes the rumors would be flying about his gayness. Because, of course, a man simply cannot resist sex if it is offered to him (by someone he finds attractive of course). He is utterly helpless against the power of his sex drive. Basically, he is just a slave with no will or decision making capabilities.

    I think it's pretty sad that people buy into this crap. I wish men could be free to be moral beings without people thinking there is something wrong with them. I really admire a man who is in control of himself.
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    The whole double standerd thing upsets me. It is considered fine and expected for a man to have sex when,where and with who he pleases but it's condsidered wrong for a woman to do the same thing. I'm not in favour of having sex right away in a relationship but geez, if 2 grown ups want to do it, it should be fine not matter what gender they are, not alright for one but not for the other. But, it's usually the woman who get thought of as cheap and sleazy and the guy....well if anything he is thought of as scoring.
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