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Thread: Joe Millionaire: Episode Seven Recap

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    Bill......thank you thank you thank you!!
    I missed most of the show after never missing one rotten episode and your post just made up for it!
    your post was probably better than watching the show!
    Except.....I wanted to SEE Sarah lose that fake smile!!
    Great job though!!

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    The final two hours were really bad. I should have just not watched and read the recap.
    well done!!

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    Re: Joe Millionaire: Episode Seven Recap

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Bill_in_PDX
    [B]Twists and Turns

    Joe Millionaire
    Episode Seven – Recap

    Given Evan’s appreciation for Sarah’s ‘skills’, perhaps Mary would had done well to share with Evan her hidden talents
    ( she could tell him she was giving him the "rock star" treatment

    Evan focused on breasts… Really? There is just no credible evidence of that. Look back at the hot tub scene (and I have several times, being the dedicated servant to the FORT that I am
    way to take the hit for the team, your a heck of a man

    (I suppose I will get a few looks at the ‘free’ continental breakfast tomorrow morning), better watch that continental breakfasts, they're {censored} according to sarah or was it allison?

    Joe has a lot of trust for Heidi. Hmmm… if you listen real close, you can hear kitties meowing in the background when Joe is on screen. yeah for a one word speaking goof!!!!

    . I can just see them gathered around the construction site campfire, holding hands, and sharing their innermost thoughts.
    thank god I never incountered this in all my years of construction

    great job on the recap. I do believe you covered it better than the filming did

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    To give credit where credit is due - thanks a MILLION Bill for the most excellent recaps. I nearly peed my pants on this one!

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    Good job Bill!

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    Thank the Heavens that they gave Bill the most wicked styles of recap-writing. I had never watched any of the episodes at all, but had been attuned to the show because of Bill's recaps. I did actually become one of the statistical 40 miillion viewers to see if he would choose Zora (who like me and most FORT chose as a favorite).

    Like Bill said, it does seem that Evan does seem to have a brain after all, because he picked the right one. Well, one more left (I think) to recap, and a final ending to this show. Thanks for keeping us entertained Bill, I am now an official FORT reader because of it!

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