In honor of such an important moment in television history, this list goes to ELEVEN. Kudos to FOX for producing such quality television viewing.

11) Heidi found her own Big Dumb Joe -- "Good luck with that"
10) World's worst Self-Help Seminar: Melissa the Mercenary's "I Know How To Love" seminar
9) Now we all know who slurped who in the woods
8) Turnip Truck Girl beats Bondage Babe
7) Zora the Unflushable flushes Foot Fetish Floozy
6) Promise Rings & Awkward Moments-- Did FOX simply steal from a very special episode of "Blossom"?
5) The Artist formerly known as Poor-a Zora goes from $189 to $500,189
4) Big Dumb Joe shockingly makes a good decision
3) Zora the Unflushable makes an equally good decision-- she immediately has Big Dumb Joe checked for cooties
2) Zora & Evan - The Most Awkward TV Couple since Michael & Lisa Marie
1) Heidi's new Joe proclaims this to be "The Most Funnest Show Ever!"

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