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Thread: I'm so mad!! Help!!

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    I'm so mad!! Help!!

    Hi All
    I have not missed one episode of this show and I missed it last night!!! I've got a teenager who is away so my boyfriend is staying with me. He wanted nothing to do with the show (imagine that) haha
    So, we went out to a friend's bar and me and the bartender wanted to watch it. The guys wanted hockey - so we had it on one t.v but, they were really loud and I thought oh well I have the tape recording it. So, except for a couple of parts - didn't see much in the bar. When it came to him choosing me and this girl were screaming at the guys to shut up -
    I just figured ohhh well I will watch it commercial free later....
    DAMN THING DIDN'T TAPE!! I think that is the first time I screwed up taping something!!!
    Now I'm hearing no show Thursday!!

    So-- I'm going to rely on you guys here to fill me in as I have only one friend who has been a die hard fan of this show and she's got too many screaming kids to tell me what I missed!
    Plus, you guys write great stuff here

    How did Sarah act!!??? (she's so fake)
    What did she say?? What did Zora say???
    What was Melissa doing there!!? (ugh on her)
    Did it seem scripted?????
    What were all the other girls saying in the beginning???
    I know a little from one of my girlfriends and the bits and pieces I saw (couldn't hear)
    fill me in on the best parts!!
    I know they got $
    Which, I must add, I think Fox is not only sleazy THEY ARE CHEAP!
    They made soooo much $ they could have given Zora and Evan a million each!!
    They are really scum bags.
    I missed seeing Sarah lose that fake smile!! She could not have been smiling when he told her he didn't pick her.......then again she could have been...........
    Anyway, write me!!!!!!!! Thanks!~
    Stevie < I love this dude >

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    We'll have Bill's super recap up later tonight, so you can get filled in on everything, Stevie.

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    Hey John,
    Thanks! I forgot about those.
    Like I said in my post, there are a lot of
    creative people here and I'm sure they'll
    be some good recaps. I did see in another post
    someone said it would be on Thursday.
    I hope it is.
    If not, next weeks show I'm not missing!

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    I know how you feel stevie, I didnt miss one either until this one. I was watching AI2 today and they showed a little promotion thing that said something about Michael Jackson and that it was going to air at 8 on thursday on FOX, and I think its a 2 hour show, so this is going to suck. I absolutely love Bill's recaps, but seeing the reactions are just much better. I have no idea what to do now though....I just had to miss this one! lol

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    I feel you pain, I am horrible for missing finales. I missed the ending to celebrity Mole, I missed the last Amazing Race finale. I missed the series finale of Felicity and I am sure there are few others I could think of as well. It really sucks to invest all that time into something only to miss the best part.
    "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

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    well I'm not alone. Maddening!!
    Michael Jackson!!??
    Is anyone else sick of hearing about him and seeing him?
    Oh well. the Aftermath show should be good.
    I'm going to read Bill's recap right now.
    Hopefully it will fill in the missing parts (almost all of the stupid show)
    I would have LOVED to have missed last week's - the one Fox tricked us all on.

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    I think Michael Jackson is the biggest pervert there ever was! He is so GROSS.....tired of this creep getting so much publicity...who cares??

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