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Thread: How satisfied are you with the ending?

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    Lucky!! octobergirl's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
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    Extremely satisfied!

    I was genuinely suprised when he told Zora he had chosen her, and even though I had a very good idea there would be money under the silver dome (not sure what that is called), I still held my breath until they actually showed it. I thought they both looked sincere, too.

    So, I loved the ending!
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    I was expecting FOX to pony up some cash if "love won over money" as it did. Too bad Big Dumb Joe didn't get the opportunity to shoot a champagne cork at Sarah & Melissa on their way out of town.

    The only negative is that Evan & Zora still didn't seem very comfortable together even at the very end. Do you think that Zora said yes just so that she wouldn't seem like the bad guy if she said no?

    I truly think he likes her more than she likes him & we'll see that next week.

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    I'm glad Zora got some money. They should have given it all to her...

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    FORT Regular Lucy Luna's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    I was hoping for a more cheesy ending. Something that would have made my mouth drop to the floor. This was too predictable. After they told a little more about Zora's real life, I'm glad Zora was chosen and I know that Zora really deserved that $500,000. She definately is a good person! Too bad Evan is such a doofus.

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    Premium Member dagwood's Avatar
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    I was very happy with the ending. I am glad for Zora, she is the one who truly deserved it (the money, I mean). I hope things do work out for them, though. I will admit I got misty-eyed at the end. I am just a softy.

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    An innocent bystander nlmcp's Avatar
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    I wasn't thrilled at all.
    Zora deserves better. The big twist wasn't. Evan's an idiot. The only reason I picked a little safisfied is that Zora got some money out of the deal.
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    well I'm glad Zora got the money, if she can put up with Evan and his simple mind then more power to her. At least her bank account is better for it. $250,000 after taxes ain't bad at all.

    Man she sure did look good in the dress.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I think Zora came out of this looking really good.
    She didn't look like gold-digger at all so while the show didn't get the "shock-horror" ending they might have wanted I was certainly pleased with how it went.
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    Originally posted by joeguy
    well I'm glad Zora got the money, if she can put up with Evan and his simple mind then more power to her.

    She definitely needed the money. The woman didn't have any heat in her apartment, and she was thinking of selling the jewelry so she could help her aunt (or was it someone else) who had cancer. Zora's is such a genuine nice person. I'm so glad that she got some money. Evan does come off as a goofy guy, but he also seems like a nice guy. I sincerely hope their relationship blossoms.

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    she looked good in the dress?? PLEASE EXPLAIN?? my hubby said the same and i was stunned!! hahhahaha I thought she looked like a sack of IDAHO POTATOES!


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