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Thread: How satisfied are you with the ending?

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    I have to say, I started this poll as an experiment after everyone was so mad last week with the rerun show.

    And I'm surprised no one to this point has picked "Totally Peeved". I guess that tells me that Fox redeemed themselves somewhat with the finale.

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    "Zora and Evan return to France to apologize to all the people he injured with champagne corks..."

    LOL Wayner!!!

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    Originally posted by BravoFan
    Was happy Zora won the money and that Sara got dumped on national tv.

    Though I would be thrilled next week if we learned that Zora has dumped Evan and found someone truly worthy of her affections.
    my sentiments exactly. I am glad Zora won for the fact that she got money that she deserved(and Sarah didnt) after accepting Evan without money. I would however love to see her end up with someone that is more up to her standards.

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    Both would have shown up given the opportunity, though, in order not to appear bad on national TV.

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    I fully expect that at the end of next week's episode they'll say "Next week on a very special Joe Millionaire... Zora and Evan return to France to apologize to all the people he injured with champagne corks..."
    Spew alert! Wayner, run over here and clean off Diet Coke from my monitor!
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    I am totally ticked at the Ending because Zora deserves someone so much better. People are calling Sarah a slut. He's more of a slut than she is for taking advantage of her position. So he off getting his jollies on Sarah while he is choosing Zora. He doesn't deserve her at all.

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    The problem with having a twist at the end is that they only work when you're not expecting one. This twist was hyped so much that it was a bit of a let down. All the previous speculations of what might happen were far more interesting than what actually did happen. Even so I'm happy that he picked Zora and that Sarah showed her true colours after she had been dumped. I'm so glad that he finally saw through her.

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    I voted "Somewhat satisfied" since the "twist" was as shocking as we were led to believe by FOX that it would be.

    However, I'm "Extremely satisfied" that Evan picked Zora and that they both received money. It would've been nice if both of them were made millionaires, instead of having to split it. The ending was so sweet. I just love happy endings.

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    Yea Zora!! I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. However, I was expecting some really BIG twist. I think we all saw the money coming.

    Another thing, they kept showing clips of Evan saying something like "I don't know what's going on around here, but something is up." I didn't hear him say that last night.
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    I'll take 500k any day

    I'm really happy with the ending though, they looked cute together. I hope it'll work out for them.

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