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Thread: Alex in the Ballroom Scene

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    Alex in the Ballroom Scene


    Do you know that Alex was in the ballroom scene?

    In one scene when you see paul holding a plate, you would see someone with long hair on the left of Paul. You could only see the hair, not the actual person. At first I thought it was Zora, but from the way they were standing, Zora was standing across from Paul.

    So, the person with long hair got to be Alex. She should be in the final ballroom scene since she has been touting the "fairy tale" storyline ever since the first episode.

    How ironic that Alex's name was the first in the credits, with so little face time? :

    I watched the show twice (both East & West Coast broadcasts) to confirm my observation that Alex was in the ballroom scene.

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    Ironically, during the entire run of the show, we've seen more of any of the first contestants that were voted out than Alex herself. She is the person that has had the least screen time, and she's the host!
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    I guess the most "shocking twist" of all was on Alex--the "host" of the show got nudged out for face time by Paul the butler!
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    When I saw the topic " Alex in the Ballroom Scene", I thought it was the Alex in The Bachelor. Oh what the heck is he doing there?

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    Alex was a waste of space on this show.
    There was no need for her to be there at all.
    I imagine they had her set to do Paul's "to camera" pieces but just found Paul far better at it.
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    I just watched this scene again. It is Zora's hair, sorry.

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