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Thread: Joe Millionaire Finale Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I loved it. It made me happy!

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    Hi everyone! Newbie here. I am glad he picked Zora, BUT the "big twist" was a let down. I figured from the beginning money would be given to someone at the end of the show, so it really wasn't that big of deal. Ah well, next week we get to see what's been going on between "the lovebirds." LOL


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    RavenCrow and Welcome.

    I'm with you in that the ending was a bit of a let down because it wasn't the big shocking ending we were promised.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy that it was a Fairy Tale ending for Zora and Evan, but I wished Fox hadn't made it sound like something shocking would happen at the end.

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    When Sarah was whispering to Melissa, she didn't say blowjob did she? Wasn't she just talking about kissing him?

    I just can't imagine that a blowjob would be brought up in that situation. I'll have to rewind my tape and try to see if I can contact Christy from Survivor to help me read her lips.

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    Hello Wolf and thank you for the welcome.

    After the show was over I called my sister, ok I called her like 6 times during the show, and asked her what am I going to do now on Monday nights? LOL Ah, she is so nice to point out that I am pathetic. LOL She also reminded me I still have AI2. Thank goodness for the internet, I'd be lost without grown-up musings.

    BTW Wolf, since you are a moderator, maybe you can help me. I'd like an avatar, but have no idea what any of those numbers and codes "look" like. Any hints for me? LOL

    Thanks again,

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    And they live Happily Ever After...so the fairytale goes

    Well....Well....Well....he he he..
    I think it is wonderful that he chose Zora, she is PRICELESS!!!
    There are not enough adjectives in the world to describe her genuine and sincere personality.

    Wow....and she showed up and accepted his invitation to continue to get to know him better. Aha...and Paul has a suprise up his sleave....One Million Dollar Check for the happy couple.
    They are Estactic!

    Oh...Sara got the BIG BOOT..she gives her little fake smile, and giggle giggle...give me a break!

    Annnnnd Melissa shows help her pack, she then confides in Melissa, that she gave Evan ummmmm....yep all that slurp slurp in the woods was not just mouth to mouth kissing, she had gone a little lower, kissing something else.
    She also wondered if that was the reason Evan did not choose her.
    She said she is pissed and feels stupid for doing that.

    Hmmm.....should've thought about that before...Unbelievabe!

    Wow, I am so happy, our house was
    worse than a Superbowl party, I fell of the couch screaming, about passed out. I love it!
    Priceless! Just Priceless!

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    Hiya! This will be my first time posting in here, and I have actually tracked this show ever since the first episode back in January. I have always had a fascination with Zora and was very pleased to know what happened in the ending.

    Bill's remarkable way of playing with words actually gave more life to each episode, hence I always made it a point to visit these boards everyday. Up until now, I have not had the courage to post out of fear of looking stupid...

    In any case, as with all Zora fans out there, mixed feelings of happiness and sadness gripped me throughout the episode. At first, being led to believe that since Zora was the first to be spoken to, she had lost. Only to have Evan tell her that he chose him, and the way she reacted was very natural. Sarah's reaction was too caught up on the idea that this would be on TV and that she had to put her "game face" on, which really gave out the impression of how she wanted to portray herself.

    It was a great "Fairy Tale" ending to a complete "Fairy Tale" story. Interesting how they quoted the girls over and over on how this whole trip was a "Fairy Tale."

    I do hope these two will get along together, as they look like a great couple. It was very interesting to see Evan's expression after Paul gave them one million dollars, it was as if Zora was not even there at all! In any case, he snapped back to reality that he choose Zora and she choose him, and hopefully this will be a journey that would really end happily. We will see...

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    Great ending! I wasn't dissapointed by the big twist because I knew that whatever happened, FOX had built up the tension too much anyways. The show ended with some class (at the cost of being mushy) but I'm pleasantly surprised at FOX for this final episode. The first hour and a half was excruciatingly slow - more recaps, ugh. All in all I really enjoyed this show.
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    Ok, it was slick and hokey and I LOVED IT!!! Sometimes, you WANT things to turn out right without any additional b.s.

    My only gripe is that I feel Fox overdid it a bit when they were focusing on Zora's life. Yes, she's a wonderful woman with tons of empathy, but 47 pictures of her caring for various geriatrics didn't require the cutesy flowers in the four corners, too.

    Oh, how about Heidi! Talk about emasculating a man on national TV!!!! "I wear the pants in this relationship, but I let HIM think he does". What a wench!

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    Have you realized that Sarah is PISSED, but NOT heartbroken. If she is really after him for what he is, then her reaction should not be "competitive."

    What do you think?

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